Man risks his life running back into burning building to retrieve cellphone

The terrifying moment a Chinese factory worker nearly died after running back into a burning building to retrieve his cellphone was recently caught on camera.

Footage posted to PearVideo on Tuesday reportedly shows a fire that took place at the China Hookah Manufacturing Company in Ningbo, a city in the Zhejiang Province in eastern China, on December 11.

In the video, a factory employee who allegedly ran back into the burning building to fetch his cellphone emerges from the blazing building completely engulfed in flames.

Photo: PearVideo

Another staffer with a fire extinguisher rushes over to the flaming man to quickly put out the fire.

The injured worker can then be seen limping around outside the factory, his clothing torn and charred by the flames. 

Photo: PearVideo

China Hookah Manufacturing Company released a statement to PearVideo confirming that the worker was one of the first to evacuate the building, but that he returned to retrieve his cellphone.

According to the Daily Mail, the injured employee was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is now in stable condition. 

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