Joe Biden comforts Meghan McCain over father's cancer diagnosis in tear-jerking moment

Joe Biden is no stranger to the McCain family's current struggle.

The former vice president lost his beloved son, Beau, in May 2015 after a hard-fought battle with brain cancer.

In July 2017, Senator John McCain of Arizona was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the same aggressive form of brain cancer that claimed Beau Biden's life just two years earlier.

On Wednesday morning, Biden appeared on "The View" to promote his new memoir, "Promise Me, Dad," which focuses on Biden's career in the year that followed Beau's death. 

During the show, co-host Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, admitted that she struggled to finish Biden's book because it hit too close to home.

"I couldn’t get through your book, I tried. Your son Beau had the same cancer that my father was diagnosed with six months ago," McCain said while choking up. "I think about Beau almost every day, and I was told that this doesn’t get easier."

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John McCain and family through the years
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John McCain and family through the years
Ok one more. @senjohnmccain with me at our first Christmas as a married couple.
@senjohnmccain @zelda.frenchie.1 and our two boys Jack and Jimmy enjoying the morning at the Navy Memorial.
@DBacks game with @meghanmccain and. @senjohnmccain
So many years ago. @meghanmccain @senjohnmccain at her Columbia University graduation.
One of my favorite family photos. An oldie but a goody! @senjohnmccain @meghanmccain
Thank all of you for the wonderful thoughts. @senjohnmccain is doing well. We as a family will face the next hurdle together. One thing I do know is he is the toughest person I know. He is my hero and I love him with all my heart.
The highlight of my day. ❤️🍴🇺🇸
My rock @cindymccain ❤️❤️❤️
Happy early birthday Dad - I love you with all my heart. ❤️🇺🇸🌵🎂🍰
After dinner talks with Dad 🌵❤️🇺🇸
Hiking the eclipse with Dad 🌵🌙
To everyone who has sent me and my family such kind words of strength and prayers, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it really has been helping me. We start my fathers last (first round) of radiation and chemotherapy today. This last month has easily been the most challenging and difficult of my life. I come from a long lineage of warriors and I have never been more grateful for the strength and fortitude that has been passed down to me, I am relying on it now more than ever. My natural inclination is always to be open and share my life but at the moment I am still in a place where I just want and need to be around my family and am asking for your understanding and patience. To those of you out there living with #GBM or who have a family member or loved one living with #GBM, you are my absolute heroes. We are in this fight together, sending you all love and light. #FUCKCANCER
Happy Fathers Day to my father @senjohnmccain. This picture is how I always think of you, relaxed, in Arizona, grilling us ribs and listening to Frank Sinatra. Thank you for teaching me how to love life and seize every moment. Thank you for exposing me to the world (it's good and bad) and teaching me about character, conviction and having true grit. Finally thank you for always giving me something to believe in, in a world where it has become increasingly harder to find. I love you with all my heart. 🇺🇸❤️

Abandoning his seat across the table, Biden got up and sat down next to a teary-eyed McCain and took her by the hand to share some words of comfort about her father, who developed a friendship with Beau during his lifetime.

"One of the things that gave Beau courage, my word, was John," Biden said. "Your dad, you may remember when you were a little kid, took care of my Beau. Your dad became friends with Beau, and Beau talked about your dad's courage. Not about illness, but about his courage."

The former vice president went on to try to encourage McCain to maintain a positive outlook, noting multiple recent breakthroughs in the cancer research field.

"Any of you who have somebody who is diagnosed with glioblastoma, which is about as bad as it gets, there are breakthroughs that are occurring now," he said. "It can happen tomorrow."

Biden, who has been friends with McCain for 40 years, offered some parting words of encouragement for anyone fighting the same battle as the senator and his family.

"The thing that I found, and Beau insisted on and your dad is going to insist on, is you’ve got to maintain hope," Biden said. "You have to have hope."

"There is hope," he continued. "And if anybody can make it, your dad [can]."

Watch the touching moment below: 

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