Bullied Tennessee student Keaton Jones' mom faces backlash over Confederate flag photos

During the weekend, a Tennessee woman took to Facebook with her son Keaton Jones' emotional video about the relentless bullying he experiences in school that went viral almost instantly. 

But now people online are questioning whether or not the mother, Kimberly Jones, deserves the massive outpour of sympathy she and her son received after controversial photos and words re-surfaced from her Facebook profile, TMZ reported.

On Monday, activist Tariq Nasheed tweeted a screenshot that allegedly came from Kimberly Jones' Facebook page, showing photos of family members waving the Confederate flag.

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Nasheed also claimed to have found a post Jones allegedly published back in August in which she wrote: "Dear butt hurt Americans, If you aren't bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying! For the love, some folks clearly never picked a switch, And before y'all start talking to me about metaphorical, emotional, financial or historical blood and brokenness, Don't. Join a group."

Though it is unclear what Jones was alluding to, TMZ suggested that she appeared to be telling "people to stop whining about slavery and racism" and noted that the post was published just weeks after the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.


The original video of Keaton, which reportedly amassed over 21 million views on Facebook since its upload on Friday, was no longer accessible as of Monday morning, suggesting Jones' Facebook page has been shut down.

Though Nasheed's photos have yet to be corroborated, the images he gathered have been enough to spark backlash from social media users who are using the visuals as evidence to target Jones.

"I think I just lost all faith in humanity. Unless Kimberly Jones goes to prison," one user tweeted, while another wrote: "Kimberly Jones played y'all, just like Trump played them Republicans."

Others accused Jones of trying to cash in on her son's pain after a GoFundMe campaign was launched for Keaton and has since raised nearly $60,000.

The GoFundMe page was created on behalf of Jones by Joseph Lam, who wrote that he was simply "touched" by the viral video of her son and launched the campaign to "help with [Keaton's] future."

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Bullied student Keaton Jones' mom faces backlash over confederate flag photos
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Bullied student Keaton Jones' mom faces backlash over confederate flag photos
🗣 #KeatonJones mother Kimberly Jones used his pain and suffering as a platform just to go viral and get money and I… https://t.co/hcXYCxMz80
#KimberlyJones mother of #KeatonJones has posted numerous white supremacist posts online. I think it’s terrible her… https://t.co/soxpHWSf7k
Thank you to the man above this lady almost finessed the entire world into paying her and her son! #KimberlyJones… https://t.co/SJTWgn9Y4j
@BarryEhlert @e__god What’s to look into? Kimberly Jones’ social media account is as available as anyone else’s. Yo… https://t.co/rc2C812ICw
@TheRoot Well damn. Fished in again. Kimberly Jones should be ashamed raising her kids to be racists and using her son for free money.
Some of my Brooklyn homies mad as shit they wasn’t down with the Kimberly Jones scam. Shit was better than pieces hittin during Xmas
@KimberlyJones_3 Hope u did the run thru that money yet bitch, so you can redund all the kind people who fell for this trash scam.
Everybody get on it and email support@gofundme.com and expose Kimberly Jones (mother of crying little white boy say… https://t.co/Pfn70TDJck
So turns out the kid who got bullied.... his mom is racist as sh*t. Search her Kimberly Jones.
Konfederate Kunt Kimberly Jones Keaton isn't bloodied nor does he have any sticky out bones and he still breathing. Tell him STOP his noise.
The irony behind Keaton Jones bullying video is that his mom Kimberly Jones is a confederate flag waving racist. Oh… https://t.co/CV82RMAAKh
I still sympathize with #KeatonJones being bullied because no child is born a racist but his mother Kimberly Jones… https://t.co/3onrIafjn7
LMAO. She is a racist, confederate flag waiving, Trump voting, NFL-protester-hating bigot, but.... please tag Snoop… https://t.co/o2bsruiAbc
If my people aren't the most forgiving people idk who is Kimberly Jones is proof of that. NO ONE should be bullying… https://t.co/iAA9iNNks6
Imma let yall finish giving #KeatonJones All the love & support yall are giving him it's wonderful & No one deserve… https://t.co/RUVnHa1Trb
@nbcwashington Kimberly Jones is also a racist bully https://t.co/G3pBlGCVQT
I'm not down with bullying but Keanton Jones mother Kimberly Jones is a straight up RACIST & she has installed RACI… https://t.co/xstgeT5dfR
@tariqnasheed I have known Kimberly Jones since high school. I can vouch that she is in no way a racist. She has a… https://t.co/YhVSURMTXC
@iamcardib Girl his mom is a racist that hates Spanish and black people go to her Facebook Kimberly jones go look a… https://t.co/6XTHJmdbLl
@LibyaLiberty I'm sorry to say this, but his mother, Kimberly Jones, is a White Supremacist who has posted offensiv… https://t.co/ZjufPpqPWV
@longtimefan19 @PattyArquette @Lakyn_Jones @JamieOGrady Dont waste your money, Kimberly Jones is a racist and a cle… https://t.co/aTrySupvUE
Smh @gofundme should cancel that Kimberly Jones fundraiser for her son Keaton if she's a racist. Can't be enabling bullshit in 2017.
Yeah. Kimberly Jones is racist. This not about politics. This is about humanity. https://t.co/IzZtaY9UoI
I feel bad for #KeatonJones, not because he was a bullied (I too was bullied at his age), but his mom Kimberly Jone… https://t.co/MTJo61JMhF
Kimberly Jones' (Keaton's Mom) political views don't match yours! That doesn't mean she is racist! Having a picture… https://t.co/Y7fxzRfRVu
Kimberly Jones, whose video of her bullied son is all over the world today, may have wanted to purge all the racism… https://t.co/zRXi0s26uG
Kimberly Jones is a racist piece of shit who used her facially challenged son as a come up. #KeatonJones… https://t.co/3VkGq5tFCz
everyone's saying there's no evidence that keaton was being racist but im just wondering where is the evidence of h… https://t.co/dS0LlRyROF
By Kimberly Jones being racist, she’s really no different from the shithead kids who are bullying her child. #KeatonJonesIsAwesome
"There is evidences that Kimberly Jones she's a liar and racist !!!" BUT KEATON CAN'T BE BLAME FOR HAVING SUCH MOM… https://t.co/hwO46agrhs
So turns out the kid who got bullied.... his mom is racist as sh*t. Search her Kimberly Jones.
@danawhite Unfortunately, Keaton Jones mom Kimberly Jones was just exposed by tmz as a Confederate flag waving Raci… https://t.co/ivzab4JDqq

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