Scientists find new 'super earth' that is the latest hot spot for life

A new rocky “super earth” was discovered in a distant galaxy and is the latest place that could support life. 

Using data from the European Southern Observatory, researchers say the monstrous exoplanet is known as K2-18b. 

It lies perfectly in the habitable zone which makes it ideal to potentially supporting water.

The scientists actually found the planet has a neighbor, but is closer to the star it orbits and is less likely to be a landing spot for life.

K2-18b lives in the Leo constellation and is 111 light years away, which means it is nearly impossible to get to anytime soon. 

However, lead author on the study, Ryan Cloutier, and his team, were able to figure out that the planet is rocky with a gaseous atmosphere or mostly water with a thick layer of ice on top.

Co-author on the study, Rene Doyon, says, "K2-18b is now one of the best targets for atmospheric study. It’s going to the near top of the list.”

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