Bernie Sanders's wife fires back at MSNBC host for using her to 'demean' husband

Bernie Sanders's wife is firing back at MSNBC host, Joy Reid, after Reid went after her husband during a report on sexual misconduct. 

Things got a little heated between Jane Sanders and Reid on Twitter after the host tweeted: “Um...I get that he has a hardcore following, but his own attitudes toward women, from his weird early writings to his physical dismissal of women in his presence (including his own wife) make that an incredibly dubious prospect.” 

Reid was responding to a Twitter user that said Senator Sanders was a role model when it comes to men in power behaving the right way. 

Jane Sanders responded: “I didn’t answer your biased reporting about Bernie during the last 2 years Joy Reid. But don’t ever use me to demean my husband. I am very happy & very proud to be Bernie’s wife. Your perception couldn’t be more wrong.” 

The early writings Reid is referring to are in an essay Sanders wrote in 1972 for the Vermont Freeman where he apparently talks about rape fantasies. 

The essay served as a commentary on gender roles with his campaign spokesman telling CNN during the 2016 race that the essay intended to attack gender stereotypes of the 1970's.


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