Twitter shreds Tomi Lahren over 'disrespectful' Colin Kaepernick D-Day photo

Tomi Lahren is catching heat online for sharing a picture in which football player Colin Kaepernick appears to be taking a knee during the D-Day landings.

The Fox News contributor posted the manipulated snap featuring the former San Francisco 49er to Twitter on Thursday:

“Food for thought,” read the caption.

Lahren has repeatedly criticized Kaepernick, who began protesting against racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem before games last year.

But her latest post drew sharp reaction on Twitter, with many people labelling it “disrespectful.” Here’s a sampling of the responses so far: 

Twitter shreds Tomi Lahren over 'disrespectful' Colin Kaepernick D-Day photo
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Twitter shreds Tomi Lahren over 'disrespectful' Colin Kaepernick D-Day photo
This is literally the worst tweet I have ever seen
@TomiLahren He's done more for America than you have.
@TomiLahren This does not qualify as an actual thought
@TomiLahren And your service to America has been exactly what? Whining?
@TomiLahren As a veteran I don't feel disrespected by those who kneel to protest injustice. I do feel disrespected…
@TomiLahren The day you have a thought is the day Earth crashes into the Sun. Meanwhile, a live feed of your TL.
@TomiLahren This is disrespectful.
@TomiLahren The fact that you think this is a thought shows how dumb you are
@TomiLahren Here's a thought. Enlist.
@TomiLahren It’s thanksgiving, give us a break with your hate mongering bullshit and go be with loved ones if you h…
@TomiLahren One- those guys fought to protect our right to protest, two- kneeling is a sign of respect, three- it's…
@tonyposnanski @TomiLahren Tami just got roasted on Thanksgiving. Well done.
This tweet is neither food, nor an intelligent thought
@TomiLahren Don't you have family to annoy on thanksgiving?

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