'She was finished': Accused killer chillingly detailed jogger's brutal end as her family sobbed

The accused killer of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano was in court Monday, and a videotaped confession detailed the violet final moments of her life as her family listened and sobbed, the New York Post reported.

Chanel Lewis, 21, calmly confessed to killing Vetrano on Aug. 2, 2016 in a video that was played during a pre-trial hearing Monday to determine if it will be admissible as evidence. Police claim Lewis killed the 30-year-old woman while she out running in Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach, Queens.

The attack was brutal. Lewis reportedly broke her teeth and kept beating her until she lost consciousness, then strangled her. He told police, “I was mad; I saw red.”

Karina Vetrano
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Karina Vetrano
A year ago, all of our lives changed. I'm still in shock it marks a year today. I remember everything like it was yesterday. I do know that in this last year you have taught me more about this life than anyone. More than our fights, I learned about acceptance. Acceptance for knowing why we would fight and I still love you. Because you are a FORCE. A BEAUTIFUL force to not be fucked with. You have taught me how to make sure I tell my loved ones I love them, to express myself regardless of the situation ( more now than ever ) and showed me to make sure I LIVE for everyday and to FORGIVE. To see the beauty in what this life wants to teach me. To remember that the people who end up in our life are meant to be there to show or teach us something and to appreciate them along the way. I will always love you, always miss you, and always wish I could give you a hug and tell you I'm so fucking stubborn. I wish we could laugh and tell each other we are assholes. We will never ever let your spirit fade, and for someone like you; that thought is quite impossible. I am beyond proud of our friends this year, we all came together when we needed it the most and that's because of who YOU. Who you are. Beautiful inside and out. I know Leo is with you, checking beautiful views and sunsets listening to music, please take care of him for me. As I know he will with you. I'll make sure I promise to always take care of yours on my end. I know why you chose Natasha and Jackie as your best friend, two forces who will never let your strength go unknown. I want you to know that was the best pick of your life. Rest peacefully my love, today is not easy but I will celebrate and love you forever. #KarinaVetrano thank you for being exactly who you are. 🦋💜✨ love always, love first. @naudiebelike @baby_jax
Hoping they finally found the right person and that the animal is brought to justice. ❤️
Karina Vetrano's killer has been caught after a 6 month investigation . Congrats to the 106 pct, 106 squad, and Queens South Homicide, on a job well done. Justice will be served, and may the Vetranos find peace, and closure , here's a photo of her with her dad, Phil, who is a retired firefighter #karinavetrano #justiceshallbeserved #ripkarinavetrano #ripkarinavetrano💔 #106pct #106pdu #queenssouthhomicide #justiceforkarinavetrano #justiceforkarina #howardbeach
Finally, pending charges following the arrest of a suspect in Karina Vetrano's murder. As a female runner living in the outer boroughs, this case had an impact on my outlook & sense of security. Hats off to the crime scene unit who assembled each piece of the puzzle in last August's oppressive heat, Howard Beach's vigilant community & Vetrano family's tireless campaigning for familial DNA technology use in New York State (which opens up a whole new can of ethical worms but works) #JusticeForKarina #KarinaVetrano #PublicSafety #security #surveillance #PhilVetrano #KathyVetrano #HowardBeach #safety #visibility #DNA #running #runner #jogging #jogger #nypd #justice #community #solidarity
Celebrating Karina's nephew's 1st birthday tomorrow is ROUGH. She loved that little nugget more than she ever thought possible. Baby Jude has been the savior of the Vetrano family with his innocent joy and infectious laughter and light spirit. He deserves to know a very different world than the one he has been thrust in to, but he teaches us everyday to savor small moments of joy and for that he is our little hero. It seems like just yesterday Tana, Karina's sister (and now mine☺️) was busting at the seams getting ready for this little angel that has truly saved us all. I just wanted to wish Baby Jude a blessed christening and the happiest of birthdays. With all the love in my heart Jude, thank you for being in this world. #karinavetrano #justiceforkarina #karinaudie
Remembering #KarinaVetrano today and everyday. #yankees @Yankees https://t.co/AzF9iQrWnX
💜::.I can't believe a year ago today someone decided to murder an angel!! Not a day goes by that you are not missed! Heaven gained the most beautiful angel that night. You might not physically be here... but you are a part of all of us together and the stars shine brighter knowing you are one of them.::💜 #kv #doinitforkv #mygirl #karinavetrano
It made me understand that life can be so beautiful. That a smile, a genuine smile, the kind that isn’t just an expansion of your lips and the sight of your teeth, I’m talking about a smile that comes from the pit of your stomach, and runs up through your heart and beams out onto your entire face. A smile like- pardon me for a metaphor like this- but a smile like a child’s. One that is true, that needs no ulterior motivation to appease someone, not to tease. Not to look pretty. Not to be polite. One that is so real because it’s backed up by uncontrollable joy and thanks and acceptance, and most of all- it’s a smile backed up by the emotion of love. JUST LOVE.-kv I will never forget the feeling of love & happiness from this day. Us in a nutshell, don't care who's watching just dancing & laughing and LOVING LIFE. My love, my best friend, my soul searcher, my person. I'm beyond grateful to have had you in my life, you made it that much better. #loveforlove #tattertotter #herpersonalgps #myangelonmyshoulder #karinavetrano
Karina, I miss you and our memories so much 😢I'd give anything to go back in time to this moment. The friendship and bond that we shared from 2009 to 2013 was indescribable. Despite everything that transpired between us, my love for you never faded... I read an article tonight that was released in the New York Times regarding Chanel Lewis (I hate to even type his name out) and how he "detailed his final moments of torture..." I immediately became filled with so much rage and it made me so sick to my stomach... it's hard to fathom how this demon could take your innocent life away. I hope everyone will read it, especially those who refuse to believe that he is guilty because the world needs to know the truth. The only peace I get is from knowing that your soul is in a place where there are no more monsters like this... I think of you every single day and want you to know that I pray for you and your family. There are so many things that you've shared with me about your life and I keep the memories of you alive by replaying our deep and endless conversations over and over again in my head. I love you and believe that you now really know and can see that 💜 Thank you for teaching me what it means to LIVE life to the fullest and I will continue to speak to you in heaven. #karinavee #kayvee #eleven #11 #karinavetrano #justiceforkarinavetrano
a true role model for young women, @karina.vee you were amazing. "..we have a limited time here" we need to all realize that and make this world a better place. If anyone would like to read her memoirs , stories.. Poetic conflicts.... KarinaVee.com #trueinspiration #justiceforkarinavetrano #justiceforkarina #howardbeach #karinavee #karinavetrano #rp
Please everyone pray and send your positive thoughts to the Vetrano family on this day. Even though I was sadly not in attendance in court today does not diminish the RAGE I feel against this worthless piece of scum so calmly depicting the MURDER of a beautiful innocent angel on Earth. The FURY that my heart holds could set aflame ten hells that, I pray, this degenerate spends the rest of his pathetic eternity in. The disgusting “family” that holds this MURDERER in such high esteem should be SHAMED for not even being able to bear witness to the monster they created admitting in such a calm and cool manner what he did... and EXPECTING NO REPERCUSSIONS! Shame! May they and him be tortured mentally and physically daily and it STILL would not suffice to comprehend the damage and pain they caused. Karina, an abundance of love is being sent your way my angel, as always. #justiceforkarinavetrano #karinavetrano #kv11
Last time we spoke was when I was in Paris last summer, never fathoming that you wouldn't be in New York when I returned. Now you can Rest in Peace Angel, justice has been served ♥️ @karina.vee 🖤 #justiceforkarina
💜 @karina.vee may your shining soul rest in sweetest peace 💜 and may your family and friends find solace in knowing the the monster who did this to you will get what's coming to him - justice will be served 💜🙏✨ #JusticeforKarina

Lewis said he grabbed Vetrano as she ran by him and that she clawed at his face as he hit her five times, rendering her unconscious.

“She didn’t yell. She was finished,” Lewis reportedly said in the video. “I finished her off, I strangled her. She fell into the puddle and drowned. I got up and wiped off the blood. And she was calm, she was in the pool [of water]. It was like all the way over [her face].”

Before he confessed, Lewis told a detective that he was sorry for what he did and that he wanted to change his life. He insisted that he did not sexually assault Vetrano, even she was found with her jogging shorts pulled down.

“I didn’t do any of the stuff they said, sexual assault and stuff like that,” he told cops, the Post reported.

In the video, Lewis also seemed to think that even though he had admitted to killing Vetrano, he would be able to go on with his life and not face jail time.

“I can straighten out my stuff?” he asked the prosecutor. “Well you’re the DA right? Where do we go from here? Is there a restitution program or something?”

Lewis was asked why he attacked Vetrano, and he gave the perplexing response: “Because a guy moved into [his] house and the neighborhood.”

The victim’s father, Philip Vetrano, said he felt “a lot of anger” and that he lashed out at Lewis’ relatives before he and his family left court in an unmarked police car, the Post reported.

“His family left the room,” Philip Vetrano said. “They couldn’t listen to his confession. We know where the coward got his cowardliness from. The truth hurts. It’s pathetic. It’s just so tomorrow they can say their offspring is not guilty.”

Lewis’ family did not answer questions, the Post reported.

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