Trader Joe's recalls salad that may contain glass and plastic

Trader Joe’s says their supplier has informed them that three of their prepackaged salads could be contaminated with glass or plastic.

The affected meals are the White Meat Chicken Salad, Curried White Chicken Deli Salad and Turkey Cranberry Apple Salad that have the use by dates of Nov. 10-21. These packages have the USDA inspection code P-40299 printed on the packaging.

Trader Joe’s says the same products with different inspection codes are safe, because they were not packaged in the same facilities. This recall only pertains to these three particular salads purchased in 12 states. 

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Brand: Fresh Foods Market; Artisan Hummus with Pine Nuts

Container UPC: 72036027054

Sell By Dates:

23 JUN 2017A W1704176
07 JUL 2017A W1704383
15 JUL 2017A W1705037
20 JUL 2017A W1705122
02 AUG 2017A W1705296
17 AUG 2017A W1706102

Brand: Lantana; White Bean Hummus with Pine Nut & Herb Topping

Container UPC: 896863001434

Sell By Dates:

19 JUN 2017A W1704129
20 JUN 2017A W1704138
22 JUN 2017A W1704161
22 JUN 2017A W1704164
22 JUN 2017A W1704165
29 JUN 2017A W1704253
29 JUN 2017A W1704254
29 JUN 2017A W1704257
30 JUN 2017A W1704274
30 JUN 2017A W1704275
04 JUL 2017A W1704346
06 JUL 2017A W1704365
06 JUL 2017A W1704366
12 JUL 2017A W1704403
12 JUL 2017A W1705004
15 JUL 2017A W1705041
15 JUL 2017A W1705044
15 JUL 2017A W1705045
18 JUL 2017A W1705088
24 JUL 2017A W1705175
24 JUL 2017A W1705176
24 JUL 2017A W1705177
26 JUL 2017A W1705199
26 JUL 2017A W1705200
27 JUL 2017A W1705201
27 JUL 2017A W1705203
27 JUL 2017A W1705207
02 AUG 2017A W1705306
02 AUG 2017A W1705307
03 AUG 2017A W1705315
03 AUG 2017A W1705316
05 AUG 2017A W1705335
05 AUG 2017A W1705336
09 AUG 2017A W1705390
10 AUG 2017A W1705401
10 AUG 2017A W1705402
15 AUG 2017A W1706065

Brand: Marketside, Classic Hummus with Pine Nuts

Container UPC: 681131138475

Sell By Dates:

28 JUN 2017A W1704194
19 JUN 2017A W1704066
19 JUN 2017A W1704065

If customers purchased white meat chicken or curried white chicken deli salads in Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas or Utah.

Some of these states including, Arizona, California, Nevada alongside a few others, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington's Trader Joe patrons who bought the Turkey cranberry salad are also at risk.

The supermarket chain has issued an apology and encouraged their customers to either throw the product away or return it to their local store for a full refund.

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