NFL QB Power Rankings: Where all 32 starting QBs stand heading into Week 11

Using a loose formula, we ranked all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks.

Our formula is rooted in two advanced statistics: Football Outsiders' DYAR metric and ESPN's total QBR metric. We also considered other factors, including recent performance, job security, and overall track record.

This week, stopgap signal callers like Tom Savage and Brock Osweiler are down, while Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff are up. Below, find out where all 32 starters stand.

NFL quarterback power rankings: Week 11
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NFL quarterback power rankings: Week 11
32. Tom Savage, Houston Texans

Ranking after Week 8: N/A (replacing Deshaun Watson, No. 2)

Record as starter: 0-3

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Lots of teams have lost their starting quarterback this season, but the Texans going from Deshaun Watson to Savage was an especially brutal turn of events. The Pittsburgh product led the team to just seven points against the Rams last Sunday, and his completion rate for the season sits below 50%.

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31. Blaine Gabbert, Arizona Cardinals

Ranking after Week 8: N/A (replacing Drew Stanton, No. 30)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Gabbert was last seen with the San Francisco 49ers, where he backed up Colin Kaepernick after losing the starting job early last season. There's no reason to think he'll be an upgrade over Drew Stanton when he takes on the Texans this week, even if he'll be facing a relatively weak pass defense.

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30. Brock Osweiler, Denver Broncos

Ranking after Week 8: 28

Record as starter: 0-2

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Even after struggling in back-to-back games against the Eagles and the Patriots, Osweiler is still expected to start against the Bengals this Sunday. However, the second-year signal caller Paxton Lynch recently jumped the Week 1 starter Trevor Siemian on the practice depth chart, so the Broncos may be in for another shakeup in the quarterback room soon enough.

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29. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking after Week 8: N/A (replacing Jameis Winston, No. 18)

Record as starter: 1-0

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Last Sunday saw this veteran make his first start of the year against his old team, the New York Jets. He had a poor game, completing just half of his passes for 187 yards, but at least the Buccaneers came away with a 15-10 win. Fitzpatrick will get another chance against a middling team when he plays the Dolphins this week, but Tampa Bay's schedule gets significantly tougher from there.

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28. DeShone Kizer, Cleveland Browns

Ranking after Week 8: 29

Record as starter: 0-8

DYAR rank: 32

QBR rank: 31

One thing to know: Kizer had one of his best games of the season last Sunday, completing over 56% of his passes for 232 yards. He also threw his first touchdown pass since Week 3, a feel-good moment for the rookie out of Notre Dame. He's still one of the game's worst first-stringers, but he continues to creep up this list thanks to a rash injuries across the league.

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27. Nathan Peterman, Buffalo Bills

Ranking after Week 8: N/A (replacing Tyrod Taylor, No. 12)

Record as starter: N/A

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: After holding his own in the final quarter of last Sunday's game, Peterman will make his first professional start in Week 11. This isn't the first time the Bills have demonstrated a lack of commitment to the incumbent starter Tyrod Taylor; they considered cutting the veteran over the offseason, but relented when he agreed to a restructured contract.

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26. Brett Hundley, Green Bay Packers

Ranking after Week 8: No. 31

Record as starter: 1-2

DYAR rank: N/A

QBR rank: N/A

One thing to know: Sunday was a big day for Hundley: he earned his first career win as a starter, connecting with Davante Adams on a 19-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter to all but seal the victory. The UCLA product won't be competing for Aaron Rodgers' starting job any time soon, but he is looking more and more comfortable by the week.

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25. C.J. Beathard, San Francisco 49ers

Ranking after Week 8: 32

Record as starter: 1-3

DYAR rank: 28

QBR rank: 29

One thing to know: This rookie is coming off his best game so far, in which he completed over three-quarters of his passes and threw for two touchdowns. The 49ers would be foolish not to give the newly acquired Jimmy Garoppolo an extended look after they return from their bye week, but in the event that he decides to test free agency, Beathard could compete for the starting job next year.

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24. Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears

Ranking after Week 8: 27

Record as starter: 2-3

DYAR rank: 25

QBR rank: 32

One thing to know: Trubisky has continued to show improvement in his first season, throwing for nearly 300 yards and a touchdown against the Packers last Sunday. The bad news? The Bears still lost 23-16, and Aaron Rodgers wasn't even playing.

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23. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking after Week 8: 23

Record as starter: 3-6

DYAR rank: 27

QBR rank: 28

One thing to know: Dalton simply isn't having a very good year, throwing for just 400 yards and 2 touchdowns while leading the Bengals to back-to-back losses in his last two games. The Browns' failure to finalize a trade for the backup quarterback A.J. McCarron may have actually been a blessing in disguise for Cincinnati.

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22. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Ranking after Week 8: 26

Record as starter: 4-5

DYAR rank: 31

QBR rank: 27

One thing to know: With just six AFC teams at .500 or better, Flacco picked a bad year to forget how to throw downfield. The Delaware product has somehow completed more passes for negative yards than passes of 20 yards or more, a massive disappointment for a player who topped 4,000 mark just last season. He's also thrown 10 interceptions to just 8 touchdowns.

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21. Josh McCown, New York Jets

Ranking after Week 8: 22

Record as starter: 4-6

DYAR rank: 30

QBR rank: 21

One thing to know: Despite the presence of the Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg on the roster, McCown has maintained his hold on the Jets starting job. Quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates recently tried to end the controversy once and for all, saying the two youngsters were riding the bench because "this isn't Triple-A."

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20. Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts

Ranking after Week 8: 24

Record as starter: 3-6

DYAR rank: 26

QBR rank: 25

One thing to know: Brissett entered concussion protocol after last Sunday and is on bye this week, so his status for Week 12 is yet to be determined. Even if he doesn't appear in another game, he's had a solid season: 2,172 passing yards, 9 touchdown passes, and an 86.7 passer rating. Those numbers won't earn him any MVP support, but they're not half bad for a guy who began the year as a third-stringer.

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19. Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins

Ranking after Week 8: 25

Record as starter: 4-4

DYAR rank: 24

QBR rank: 24

One thing to know: Cutler looks better than he did last year, but he has struggled to find a consistent rhythm, hitting over 60% of his targets in just half of his games. Still, at 4-5 in a weak AFC, the Dolphins may have enough in the tank to make a late playoff run. This week's matchup against the Buccaneers is a virtual must-win.

 (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
18. Eli Manning, New York Giants

Ranking after Week 8: 21

Record as starter: 1-8

DYAR rank: 20

QBR rank: 22

One thing to know: Manning has been at the helm of some mediocre teams, but with the Giants in the running for the No. 1 overall pick in 2018, this season has been uncharted territory. The Ole Miss product has started 208 consecutive games dating back to 2004, but the calls to bench him will only get louder as he heads down the stretch.

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17. Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking after Week 8: 20

Record as starter: 6-3

DYAR rank: 18

QBR rank: 17

One thing to know: The Jaguars have made an unexpected leap to the top of their division, but Bortles, despite playing in more competitive games than ever before, is still suffering from the same old problems as a passer. He has the arm strength of Matthew Stafford, but the field vision of DeShone Kizer. Be sure to take note of how far Jacksonville goes with Bortles — it could serve as an interesting case study on the necessity of having a star under center.

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16. Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Ranking after Week 8: 16

Record as starter: 3-6

DYAR rank: 10

QBR rank: 23

One thing to know: Rivers entered concussion protocol after his last game, but he's expected to be cleared in time for this Sunday's matchup against the Bills. The veteran has struggled with inaccuracy for almost the whole year — he's hit over 60% of his targets in just one of his last seven games — but at least he throws for a lot of touchdowns.

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15. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Ranking after Week 8: No. 15

Record as starter: 6-2

DYAR rank: 19

QBR rank: 12

One thing to know: Mariota is having a solid year, but he hasn't made the leap to superstardom that many predicted he would going into the season. Still, the Titans are on a four-game winning streak under his watch, and he's been reasonably productive over that stretch, completing 63% of his passes for 991 yards. This week's matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers will serve as an important test for a team looking to make its first playoff appearance since 2008.

 (Photo by Mark Alberti/ Icon Sportswire)
14. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Ranking after Week 8: 19

Record as starter: 7-3

DYAR rank: 23

QBR rank: 15

One thing to know: Newton turned in one of the finest passing performances of his career in Week 10, but the advanced stats are still awfully low on him. For what it's worth, he does rank second among all quarterbacks in rushing DYAR. With the Panthers off to an unexpected 7-3 start, Newton has more than earned his bye week.

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13. Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings

Ranking after Week 8: 17

Record as starter: 5-2

DYAR rank: 4

QBR rank: 3

One thing to know: Keenum wasn't supposed to be a starter this season, but the fact that the Vikings are rolling with him instead of the recently reactivated Teddy Bridgewater is a testament to just how far he's come. Nevertheless, he threw a pair of costly interceptions in the second half of last week's game, so his hold on the starting job remains in doubt.

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12. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

Ranking after Week 8: 10

Record as starter: 4-5

DYAR rank: 13

QBR rank: 7

One thing to know: There's still a lot to like about this Michigan native, but Cousins has been relatively quiet over the last few weeks, leading the Redskins to a 1-3 record in their last four games. Their opponents for this week, the Saints, are on a seven-game winning streak, so Washington is in danger of falling out of the playoff race altogether.

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11. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ranking after Week 8: 9

Record as starter: 7-2

DYAR rank: 7

QBR rank: 14

One thing to know: Roethlisberger has clearly taken a step back this season, but with a surprising amount of mediocre quarterback play across the league and injuries occurring throughout the year, he continues to hold relatively steady on this list. Besides a five-interception blow-up in Week 5, he's been remarkably consistent.

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10. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Ranking after Week 8: 11

Record as starter: 4-4

DYAR rank: 9

QBR rank: 18

One thing to know: Carr has thrown more interceptions than touchdown passes over his last two games, a distinction that would probably sound a lot worse if the Raiders hadn't beat the Dolphins 27-24 in Week 9. The Patriots will be difficult to beat this week, but that isn't because of their defense. Expect Carr to thrive.

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9. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Ranking after Week 8: 8

Record as starter: 6-3

DYAR rank: 15

QBR rank: 11

One thing to know: Just when it looked like Wilson was about to return to his old self and go on an extended run of elite quarterback play, the 28-year-old struggled against the Redskins in Week 9, then led the Seahawks to just 22 points against the ailing Cardinals in Week 10. He suffered a big hit to the jaw during the latter game, but it shouldn't affect his status going forward.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
8. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Ranking after Week 8: 13

Record as starter: 5-4

DYAR rank: 12

QBR rank: 13

One thing to know: Stafford got off to a slow start against the Browns but eventually redeemed himself, throwing three touchdown passes in the second half en route to a 38-24 win. The Lions need to keep it going to stand out in a crowded NFC playoff picture, so this week's matchup against the Bears could be just what they need.

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7. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

Ranking after Week 8: 14

Record as starter: 7-2

DYAR rank: 5

QBR rank: 16

One thing to know: Goff was solid through his first seven games, but by posting the two best performances of his career in back-to-back weeks, he finally inserted himself into the MVP conversation. He now ranks inside the top 10 in the league in passing yards, touchdown passes, passer rating, and interception rate.

 (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
6. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Ranking after Week 8: 7

Record as starter: 5-4

DYAR rank: 14

QBR rank: 2

One thing to know: The Cowboys couldn't get anything going in their Week 10 loss to the Falcons, but don't blame Prescott — blame the offensive line. Backup left tackle Chaz Green allowed six sacks, while his replacement, Byron Bell, gave up two more. Prescott will need to get rid of the ball quickly until Tyron Smith returns from injury.

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5. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Ranking after Week 8: 6

Record as starter: 5-4

DYAR rank: 8

QBR rank: 9

One thing to know: On Sunday, Ryan became the fastest player to reach 40,000 passing yards in NFL history, breaking Drew Brees' record. It was a much-needed highlight for the Boston College product, as the underachieving Falcons sit outside of playoff position with more than half the season gone. Their schedule doesn't get any easier the rest of the way.

(Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)
4. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

Ranking after Week 8: 4

Record as starter: 7-2

DYAR rank: 3

QBR rank: 10

One thing to know: Brees remains one of the league's top quarterbacks, but in case you didn't notice, New Orleans' seven-game winning streak has been due mostly to their ground game and defense. With the future Hall of Famer's skills beginning to slip ever so slightly, the Saints are reportedly considering moving on from him at the end of the season, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
3. Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking after Week 8: 5

Record as starter: 6-3

DYAR rank: 2

QBR rank: 8

One thing to know: One of the most impressive streaks of the season came to an end last Sunday, when Smith threw his first interception of the year in a 28-17 loss to the Cowboys. With three losses in their last four games, the Chiefs should be worried, but that doesn't erase everything their offense has done this year — it still ranks second in the league on a per-play basis.

(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
2. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking after Week 8: 3

Record as starter: 8-1

DYAR rank: 6

QBR rank: 4

One thing to know: With 23 touchdown passes and a 104.1 passer rating, this North Dakota State product's terrific stats are a testament to both his growth as a player and the Eagles' high-powered offense. In a draft class that also includes Jared Goff and Dak Prescott, Wentz may be the best of them all.

(Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Ranking after Week 8: 1

Record as starter: 7-2

DYAR rank: 1

QBR rank: 5

One thing to know: Brady's sterling performance in Week 10 further solidified his place as the NFL's foremost signal caller. With a DYAR of 1,118, nearly 400 ahead of the second man on the list, he hasn't aged a bit over the past 10 years — in fact, he's sporting one of the highest completion rates of his career this season.

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