AAA estimates 51 million people will travel this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is historically an extremely busy travel time, with people taking cars, planes, trains, boats, and busses to be with their friends and family. 

According to AAA, this year will be no exception. 

The travel organization estimates that 50.9 million individuals will be taking trips of at least 50 miles, making it the highest volume year since 2005. 

89 percent of them are anticipated to get from place to place in a car, a mode of transportation that could cost quite a bit more than it has in the past. 

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10. Dallas

54 peak hours in congestion

9. Seattle

55 peak hours in congestion

8. Chicago

57 peak hours in congestion

7. Boston

60 peak hours in congestion

6. Washington D.C.

63 peak hours in congestion

5. Miami

64 peak hours in congestion

4. Atlanta

70 peak hours in congestion

3. San Francisco

79 peak hours in congestion

2. New York City

91 peak hours in congestion

1. Los Angeles

41 percent extra travel time


Gas prices have gone up an average of 37 cents since last Thanksgiving, and car rental rates have increased a whopping 34 percent over the past year.  

Conversely, those flying will enjoy lower transportation costs, as ticket prices are an average of 23 percent lower this year than last. 

Whether driving to the airport or the ultimate destination, routes passing through urban areas could prove punishing. 

Peak travel times in many major cities are expected to fall on Tuesday during the late afternoon and early evening, multiplying delays by up to three times. 

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