Walmart cashier in Mississippi helps calm nervous man paying with change

A Walmart cashier's simple act of kindness has shown that slowing down and showing patience can sometimes make all the difference.

In a widely-shared Facebook post, Spring Herbison Bowlin said her heart was warmed during a recent shopping trip to a Walmart in Mississippi.

Bowlin had stopped by the megastore on her lunch break Thursday and was waiting in the checkout line when she said she was moved by a cashier's kindness toward one customer.

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How to have a happy (and healthy) holiday
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How to have a happy (and healthy) holiday

S is for Sleep

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to get good, consistent sleep. Allow yourself time to unwind at the end of a night, put away the lists and the wrapping paper at least an hour before you go to bed and pick up a book, spend time with your family or just relax. This will quiet your mind to allow you to fall asleep more quickly. Have no caffeine after 12 noon, keep your room slightly cool and dark, invest in a good pillow and count your blessings rather than the number of shopping days left.

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L is for Laughter

Keep things in perspective. The holidays are meant to be a time for family, fun and reflection. Don't let the little things make you crazy. An imperfect tree, a missed gift or a blown fuse can easily ruin a moment or even a day. Find the humor. I promise it is there.

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E is for Eat Well.

Unfortunately now, when party schedules ramp up, sugar fairies are flying everywhere and you have little time to cook, it is more important than ever to focus on a healthy diet. Your immune system needs support and your body needs good energy to get through the season. Instead of depriving yourself of all the delicious holiday flavors, which is part of the joy of this time of year, just ensure you are getting lots of the good stuff each day. Increase your water intake, keep raw vegetables at the ready for a quick snack and eat at least three fruits a day. When you can, make healthier choices. Eat nuts instead of candy, drink decaf instead of caffeinated. Save your sugar fixes for homemade treats and avoid processed food. You will definitely feel better and you will boost your defenses against germs.

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E is for Exercise

I know it feels that you have no time, but try to find some. In the next few weeks, make your intention peace of mind. Don't exercise for weight loss. Do it for sanity. Just 15 minutes a day will make all the difference.

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P is for Prevention

Stop the spread of germs best you can. Encourage your family members to wash their hands frequently and to avoid putting  hands near the mouth. Keep nice smelling, festive hand soaps around your house. Hand washing, especially in the winter, can lead to dry skin. Dry, cracked skin is a poorer barrier to infection, so stock up on moisturizers as well.  Practice safe cooking practices, clean surfaces with antibacterial cleaning products, and change towels, facecloths and toothbrushes often. 

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S is for Stress Reduction

Don't laugh. You can do it. No matter how chaotic your schedule, you can still find time for yourself, for unscheduled fun and for just breathing ... in and out. Sometimes a few minutes is all it takes. Acknowledge you limitations, you are not Martha Stewart. Get off Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Make your own holiday traditions and enjoy them without concerning yourself with what everyone else is doing. I know there is so much that needs to be done, but there is also so much we do that did not need to be done. Prioritize, making sure your health and the health of your family tops the list of priorities. 

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Bowlin wrote that a man in front had just been given his total when he nervously looked back at her and started to apologize as he placed handfuls of change on the counter.

"He miscounts and starts to get flustered," Bowlin wrote.

"His hands and voice are shaking," she said. "This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps all the change on the counter and says, 'This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together.'" 

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After the transaction was handled, Bowlin said she thanked the cashier for being so patient with the customer.

"She shakes her head and replies, 'You shouldn't have to thank me, baby. What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another.'"

The post, which was uploaded Thursday, has since been liked more than 24,000 times.

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