Man's date ditches him after he admits to voting for Trump

There can be many deal breakers in a relationship, and apparently, President Trump can be one of them. 

In fact, a recent Philadelphia Inquirer report featured the story of a 32-year-old who says his date ditched him after finding out he had voted for Trump in the election. 

“She stopped in her tracks and said, ‘You know what, Bryan? This has been a lot of fun, but I think we’re two completely different people.’ And she literally got up and left,” Bryan Leib told the publication.

Dating experts have also said they’ve noticed more attention being paid to the political arena.

“We’re finding that politics are becoming a bigger deal-breaker today, maybe the most they’ve been in many years, and certainly since the inception of dating apps,” Melissa Hobley, the chief marketing officer of OKCupid, noted.

This trend has also been reflected in poll numbers, with Wakefield Research finding in May that 22 percent of Americans “know a couple whose marriage or relationship has been negatively impacted specifically due to President Trump’s election.” 

Aside from romantic relationships, a recent Huffington Post/YouGov survey revealed that four out of ten people indicated some type of family discord over politics since the 2016 election. 

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