Target selling fidget spinners with potentially dangerous levels of lead

Terrible timing for Target just before the holiday season, as it faces a major problem with its hugely popular fidget spinner supply. 

Lab tests conducted by the PIRG Education fund found that lead levels in two of Target’s fidget spinner products were dangerously high. 

Business Insider says that the legal limit for lead in a children's toy is 100 parts per million. 

However, the Fidget Wild Premium spinner being sold contains 33,000 parts per million. 

Target’s VP of corporate responsibility told BI that the two fidget spinners are “...clearly marked on the package 'appropriate for customer's 14 and older' and are not marketed to children."

As of Thursday, the spinners remain on the shelves and available to buy online despite them listing the toy for kids 6 years and up. 

PIRG has listed the two spinners on their website as dangerous and has even started a petition to get the toys removed from stores. 

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