Report: Drinking red wine can improve your fertility

Do you ask for a bordeaux or syrah when the server comes around? Cheers to your health!

There’s been many claims about the health benefits of red wine. Prevention magazine says it has been linked to sharpening your memory, weight loss and lowering your cholesterol.

A new claim says it may even help boost a woman’s fertility.

Metro UK published a study at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri that asked 135 women between the ages of 18 and 44 to keep a diary of what they drank every month.

They found that those who drank at least 5 glasses of red wine per month had a larger bank of eggs.

Although red wine may increase fertility, doctors do not recommend drinking while pregnant. Alcohol exposure to a developing fetus could cause irreversible damage.

So, overall, it appears you may be more fertile if you are a regular red wine drinker, but once you are trying to conceive, it’s time to pass on the drink menu.

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Types of wine and where they come from
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Types of wine and where they come from

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes originated in France. 

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The earliest known use of the Merlot grape was in France. It is now the most widely planted red wine grape in the world. 

(Photo by Lori Lee Miller via Getty) 

Pinot noir grapes are most often associated with France. 

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While Chardonnay's origin is in France, the grapes are now grown worldwide. 

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Moscato is made from the Muscat grape which originated in Italy. 

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Pinot grigio is an Italian creation from the Pinot gris grape. 

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Malbec is a celebrated Argentinian wine. 

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The French Sauvignon blanc grapes are grown worldwide, especially in France, Chile, Australia, South Africa and California. 

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Shiraz is blended from the DNA of various French grapes.

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Gewurztraminer grapes originate in Germany and flourish in colder climates. 

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Riesling grapes originated in Germany's Rhine region. 

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Zinfandel grapes have similar DNA to several Croatian grapes, and are grown heavily in California. 

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