Family finds piece of glass inside candy from Halloween parade

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WXIN) -- Halloween is Tuesday, October 31, but ghosts, goblins and superheroes will be out in full starting the weekend before.

Police want to make sure families take extra steps to keep loved ones safe.

And concerns are already turning up in central Indiana.

In early October, a family from the Southport area posted this message and photo to Facebook:

“Anyone in Southport/Homecroft area: just found this piece of glass inside a green tootsie roll that was from the homecoming parade. It was inside the wrapper and pushed in it. Check your kids candy if you have any.”

Photo: WXIN

The family went on to tell Fox59, “The glass was found in a tootsie roll that had been unwrapped, glass shoved in, and then re-wrapped up again.”

The family filed a police report with the Homecroft Police Department.

Indianapolis Metro Police say this is a safety issue every year.

“Talk to their children, make sure they don’t eat any of the candy until after they return, then go through the candy,” said IMPD Officer Genae Cook.

Police also say most children should be chaperoned by an adult while trick-or-treating.

For older kids who may trick-or-treat without parents, they say parents should instruct kids to only approach homes with lights on, and never go inside of a residence or a car for candy. Also, plan a route ahead of time, including a time to return home.

The National Safety Council shows that 89 percent of kids participate in Halloween and 73 percent go door-to-door trick-or-treating.

So police also warn drivers to keep an extra eye out. With the excitement of costumes and candy, they say kids often don’t pay attention to traffic.

“Children are dressed a lot of times in dark costumes, so they can sneak up and they have a tendency to dart out into traffic,” said Officer Cook.

Other good advice, they say, is to make sure costumes fit so kids don’t trip, and add reflective tape to them.

Also, make sure accessories like knives or swords are made of a flexible material, like cardboard.

Another safety option are apps to track children while they trick-or-treat. Life360 and FamilySignal are free apps that allow parents to track kids with GPS. They also have a ‘panic button’ if kids end up somewhere unsafe.

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