Melania Trump gets backlash after telling kids not to 'copy somebody' during school visit

Melania Trump on Monday chatted with students at a Michigan middle school about social isolation and inclusion as part of her anti-bullying agenda, which she has previously said will be a focus of hers as the first lady.

“Don’t try to copy somebody,” Trump said, according to the event's pool report, in a sidebar discussion with a small group of children. The first lady is presumed to be advising children to not succumb to peer pressure since she also added: “No drugs. No cigarettes.”

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Melania Trump's anti-bullying school visit
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Melania Trump's anti-bullying school visit
Wonderful to see kind children at Orchard Lake Middle School in Michigan! Thank you for having me! #nooneeatsalone
Lots of excitement as @FLOTUS joins 7th & 8th graders for lunch in Michigan to kick off the Week of Inclusion.…
WATCH: Melania Trump mobbed by middle schoolers for selfies
"We need to treat each other with respect and kindness and compassion," @FLOTUS tells 6th grade students in Michigan
Students were very excited to meet @FLOTUS today during lunch and in Mrs. Aisner’s Viking Huddle!
Thank you for visiting MI, @FLOTUS. You are tackling an issue that faces many of America's youth #NoOneEatsAlone
.@FLOTUS has started participating in the Viking Huddle class here in Michigan, which focuses on social emotional l…
#FLOTUS poses for a selfie with a student at Orchard Lake Middle School during lunch #NoOneEatsAlone - Betsy DeVos…
.@FLOTUS and @BetsyDeVosED visited a West Bloomfield middle school for the #NoOneEatsAlone campaign today.…

But the slight remark, however, later picked up steam after appearing in the New York Times' coverage of the visit and has since raised some eyebrows.

Folks on Twitter, particularly, found irony in the first lady's instructions, noting a previous speech she gave at the 2016 Republican convention that turned out to be partially lifted from a speech Michelle Obama delivered several years prior.

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“Sounds familiar oh that’s right, she plagiarized Michelle Obama” one person wrote, while another tweeted: “Umm, could you excuse me for a sec?”

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Melania Trump condemns bullying and raises some eyebrows
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Melania Trump condemns bullying and raises some eyebrows
First Lady Melania Trump looks on as U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to reporters upon his departure from the White House in Washington, U.S., October 13, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
@thehill Now THIS is wonderful news, Melania! Please start with your husband, @realDonaldTrump, the 2016-17 Bully of the Year!
@thehill Melania should start with her husband. Bully number one.
@realDonaldTrump always attacks ppl of color. He always bully's them. Funny, Melania making a useless trip to Michi…
@thehill Melania’s anti-bully campaign —> stop criticizing Trump on Twitter
@FLOTUS to visit #Detroit middle school to combat bullying She should begin with Bully @realDonaldTrump
@PhilipRucker Melania needs to address bullying closest to home, which would be #FakePresident @realDonaldTrump, biggest bully of all.
@thehill I’m sorry but this is freaking Ridiculous! Her husband is currently bullying a Gold Star Widow. Deal with that Bully, Melania!
@Frump_Dumpster @byamberphillips @TheView @SenJohnMcCain @realDonaldTrump Melania gave an anti-bullying speech toda…
@dumptrump33 Melania needs to launch an anti Azog the Defiler Trump! He is the biggest bully of them all!
Melania Trump on TV advising school kids about bullying?! Her husband, USA's #1 bully has emboldened hate in schools! First family disgrace.
Melania on surprise trip today to Michigan to address bullying,said step 1 is to escape your bully when he returns from a golf weekend!
@thehill Start with that POS you're married to, Melania. He is the biggest bully in the country.
@StephGrisham45 @FLOTUS Melania Trump needs to start her bullying conversation in her home first. Her husband is th…
Melania picked that bully platform cause she was getting clowned for stealing Michelle's speech. She ain't even think about her family
@Cernovich Trump's tweets are childish. Maybe Melania should make her anti-cyber bully trump troll a real thing?
Melania Trump to speak about bullying, but she sleeps with the biggest bully in America.

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