Passenger sues airline for serving him sparkling wine instead of real champagne

Look, lawsuits are a part of our lives -- anyone can sue anybody over anything. But when it comes to Canadian budget airline Sunwing, I don’t they were expecting this one.

Passenger Daniel Macduff is suing the airline for serving him sparkling wine instead of real champagne.

Macduff says he was promised champagne service on his flight to Cuba back in February. Macduff claims he was served cheaper sparkling wine in a plastic cup on the way there and nothing on the way back.

The airline says the suit is “frivolous and without merit.” They say the term "champagne service" describes the level of service, not the type of drink they serve.

Macduff’s lawyer says the suit is about misleading advertising rather than the quality of the wine.

Now, the lawsuit hasn’t been certified by the courts in Canada, but Macduff wants compensation for the difference in value between the two drinks.

The airline said it’s no longer referencing champagne in their marketing,

I guess Macduff’s thinking was, should I sue the airline?...Wine not?

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