Experimental: 2 easy steps to make ferrofluid dance

If you’ve ever played with magnetic ferrofluid, then you’ve seen the impressive spike-like shapes that it creates when it comes in contact with other magnetic properties. If you've never had the chance to play with this bizarre liquid then you are truly in for a treat! 

In this week’s episode of Experimental, learn how you can make ferrofluid do something truly incredible.

Make ferrofluid dance with a few simple ingredients: 

  • Neodymium magnet
  • Ferrofluid (purchase online)
  • Plastic Tray
  • Metal Screws & Bits 

Watch the video above on how you can make ferrofluid come to life.  

Experimental is a new AOL.com original series that demonstrates simple science experiments for adults and children to do together. Always take safety precautions.

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