Georgia mother upset about sexual 'identify definitions' quiz at school

The Dekalb County School District is receiving a lot of pushback from parents after a teacher distributed a controversial homework assignment to sixth graders.

The Lithonia Middle School teacher assigned a health quiz to students on "identity definitions," including gay, lesbian, and transgender. According to FOX 5 Atlanta, the quiz required the students to identify each of the sexual orientations and identities and differentiate between them.

One mother, Octavia Parks, described her shock to the outlet after her 12-year-old daughter arrived home with the quiz.

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"Why are they teaching that in school?" Parks said. "What does that have to do with life?" 

"We're talking about a sixth grader who still watches Nickelodeon. I'm not ready to explain what these words are nor what they mean," Parks said.

Parks said she signed a consent form allowing her daughter to take the course, but was assured by the teacher that such material would not be taught.

"We had a brief conversation and she assured me that this sort of thing would not happen, none the less it is happening," said Parks.

Another parent, Eva McClain, whose daughter had previously taken the same class with the same teacher said the quiz was not a part of the curriculum then either.

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"If a kid wants to know about the gender or know about the sex preference, it should come from the parents, not from the school," McClain told the local station.

A spokesperson from the school district provided remarks regarding the incident:

“DCSD has been made aware of this alleged event and is working to verify its authenticity. We will investigate this event and take action, as appropriate, once that investigation is completed.”

"I will be removing her from that class and I'm also going to take it to the board of education to see what they have to say about it as well," Parks said.

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