Doing these 5 things will improve your phone's battery life

You'd better send that email before your iPhone loses juice.

A recent poll from tech site 9to5Mac shows 70 percent of people said the new iOS11 was draining their battery life faster than before, so take note of these tips from Mashable and CNET for saving your phone's battery life.

Figure out which apps are wasting the most juice on your phone by clicking on "Settings," then "Battery." Close the apps that are using a lot of power.

When your phone is at 20 percent or below, switch to low power mode. This mode helps reduce power usage by turning off functions such as mail fetch and background app refresh, which can waste battery.

Watch out for any apps that always use your location. That's code for draining battery, because the app is so busy consistently tracking your whereabouts.

Switch apps to 'While Using' or 'Never.'

Whenever your iPhone is lit up, it wastes battery life; even when you're not using it. Thirty seconds helps save the most battery life.

Another tip is to turn on auto-brightness. Your phone is usually brighter than it needs to be, so turning on this feature will darken the screen for you throughout the day.

Turning off "push" notifications in your email also saves battery. Push checks for and downloads emails in real time. Instead, use Fetch, which checks about every 15 minutes, pinging your server less often.

Look on the bright side; if your phone dies, at least you won't be bothered with any work emails for awhile.

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