Connecticut man makes a political statement with elaborate anti-Trump Halloween display

That's one way to stick it to the man.

A Connecticut man is making headlines for his statement-making Halloween display, which features Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, a skeleton Abraham Lincoln and more aboard a pirate ship, according to Fox 61.

Matt Warshauer, who's been decorating his West Hartford home for the spooky holiday for nearly two decades, put together an exhibition called "The Trumpian Ship of State."

He told Fox 61 the display is commentary on the Trump administration's continued "pillaging" of the United States.

"The day after the election last year I thought, the American ship of state has gone horribly off course," he said. "It's a pirate ship because Trump and most of his cabinet and people surrounding him are pirates who are pillaging this country."

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Shattered homemade chocolate with cocoa powder

Warshauer's political Halloween masterpiece shows Comey, the former FBI Director, walking a plank, Russian sailors surrounding him, and a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) child waiting to be tossed from the vessel.

The boat has been aptly titled, "Constitution." Trump can be found at the helm of the ship.

Lincoln can be seen in a boat of his own, holding a sign that reads, "What's become of my party?"

"We have a president who cannot govern, who is just unbelievably dangerous to the U.S. and the world," Warshauer said. "I'm more fearful and disheartened for the future of this country than I've ever been in my life and I've been studying political history for a long time."

He's hopeful that his display will spark meaningful conversations between all who see it, he told Fox 61. Warshauer expressed a belief that there's not enough talking going on in this country.

"People aren't talking at all, they're just yelling at each other and they're Facebooking, and they're throwing stuff out here and there," he said. "They're not really engaging in the idea of facts that matter anymore."

According to Fox 61, this year's display was the most time consuming of any Warshauer's put together in previous Halloweens. It took 10 friends and family members to make his vision come to life.

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