Progressives take aim at NRA after Las Vegas shooting: 'NRA = American ISIS'

A national conversation on U.S. gun laws soon re-emerged on Monday after a Las Vegas gunman left 58 dead and over 500 wounded in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was one of the first to criticize the NRA in the wake of the deadly shooting, saying the "grief wasn't enough."

Women's March co-founder Bob Bland took the NRA to task with punchier language, though, posting on Facebook a message that reads, "NRA = American ISIS."

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Progressive responses to deadly Las Vegas shooting
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Progressive responses to deadly Las Vegas shooting
Co-founder of the Women's March Bob Bland took to Facebook, sharing, "NRA = American ISIS."
The NRA wants to pass a bill allowing the legal purchase of silencers. People ducked and ran in Las Vegas because of the sound of gunfire.
The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.
Our grief isn't enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.
Tragedies like Las Vegas have happened too many times. We need to have the conversation about how to stop gun violence. We need it NOW.
How long do we let gun violence tear families apart? Enough. Congress & the WH should act now to save lives. There's no excuse for inaction.
To my colleagues: your cowardice to act cannot be whitewashed by thoughts and prayers. None of this ends unless we do something to stop it.
I await your proposal to rescind Kentucky's laws banning assault, murder and arson. One of government's core funct…
These are weapons intentionally designed to kill as many people as efficiently as possible. Why is anyone shocked this keeps happening?

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) said in a statement on Monday:

"We are heartbroken by the lives lost. We are heartbroken for their families and loved ones. We are heartbroken that we can’t pass commonsense gun laws in our nation. If the Republican leadership of Congress and this President continue with their moral and intellectual abandon, California has and must continue to chart the path of rationality."

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) released a statement on Facebook Monday, saying, “We cannot simply throw up our hands or continue to justify the presence of weapons of war whose primary purpose is to kill the largest number of human beings in the shortest amount of time possible. We must honestly acknowledge the epidemic of gun violence and work together, now, to curb it.”

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Hey @NRA you stupid assholes How many innoncent people & animals have to die before you admit to helpling murderers WE ARE YOUR KIDS
Can we discuss the loss of rights of people going to a concert because of the lack of assault rifle regulations?
I am at a loss watching Las Vegas. My only thought is that amount of rounds in automatic rifle should not be available or made or allowed.
This tragedy would not have happened with a revolver. Don't tell me civilians need these clips or silencers. They d…
50+ souls. Hundreds injured. 1 terroristic psychotic with an absurdly powerful weapon. Pure madness. Get these weap…
As we grieve for the victims in Las Vegas, let's resolve to stop mass shootings in America – and back up our words with actions.
I'm sickened by the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Nevada is one of 45 American states with open carry gun laws, and many Twitter users quickly pointed to the state's more lose gun restrictions as part of the harmful context in which gunman Stephen Paddock operated on Sunday night. Paddock reportedly had 18 to 20 guns in his hotel room from which he fired off rounds -- some of those guns fully automatic weapons.

"The NRA wants to pass a bill allowing the legal purchase of silencers," Heather Whaley wrote. "People ducked and ran in Las Vegas because of the sound of gunfire."

Sen. Chris Murphy was quick to criticize his Capitol Hill colleagues who feel "afraid" of the gun industry's lobbying power in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, saying it's time for Congress to "get off its ass."

President Trump and congressional leaders held moments of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting on Monday, and some were little impressed with that show of solidarity.

"Your campaign took $30 million from the NRA last year," Molly Knight said of Vice President Mike Pence. "Save your prayers for something else." 

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