Mother upset by nurse's Facebook post about vaccines and autism

AMHERST, Ohio (WJW) -- Megan Elder, of Amherst, is a mother of three and an advocate for those with special needs.

"I grew up in the disability community, so for me, to see a post like that, I felt like it was insensitive," said Elder.

Megan is upset by a recent Facebook post by a nurse at University Hospitals that quickly went viral.

The tongue-in-cheek post reads: "460 flu vaccines in 8 hours. That's nearly 1 autism a minute. I'm exhausted."

Photo: WJW

It was instantly screen grabbed and shared worldwide.

"My gut reaction was disappointment. I feel like nurses should be trained a little bit better and have empathy both personally and professionally on how to discuss sensitive topics like that," said Elder.

UH releasing a statement Friday saying, "The nurse who posted this item does not speak for the hospital in her personal social media accounts."

The statement goes on to read, "University Hospitals agrees with all major studies and stands firmly behind all medical associations, including the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics, that there is no known link between any vaccines and Autism."

Megan, who chooses not to vaccinate her children, says no matter where you stand on vaccinations and immunizations, you should never make fun of something like this.

"I think that nurse needs more empathy training. People decline the flu shot for all sorts of reasons, including religious. It's just a sensitivity issue, I guess," said Elder.

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