Baby dies after parents refuse treatment for jaundice

A Michigan couple’s newborn daughter died after they ignored a midwife’s warning that the baby’s jaundice could lead to brain damage or death.

The mother refused treatment for her daughter, saying, “God...makes no mistakes,” a detective said, the Lansing State Journal reported.

Rachel Joy Piland, 30, and her husband, Joshua Barry Piland, 36, were both charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of their 3-day-old baby, born Feb. 6.

Rachel Piland’s brother notified authorities that a baby had died at the couple’s home, detective Peter Scaccia said in the hearing that led to the charges.

Scaccia described the circumstances of the infant’s birth and soon thereafter, her death.

The baby girl, named Abigail, appeared jaundiced the day after she was born, according to the midwife.

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She advised Rachel Piland to take the child to the emergency room, warning that the baby could suffer brain damage or die if not properly taken care of, Scaccia said during the hearing, the Lansing State Journal reported.

“Rachel declined to seek any medical treatment for Abigail, stating God makes no mistakes,” Scaccia said. “She indicated to the midwife that the baby was fine.”

Rachel cancelled subsequent appointments with the midwife.

On Feb. 8. Abigail wasn’t eating and coughed up blood, according to Scaccia.

Rachel allegedly put the two-day-old child “near a window wearing just a diaper utilizing a hair dryer to keep her warm,” Scaccia said.

Even Rachel’s mother, Rebecca Kerr, warned the Abigail’s skin was off-color.

“Rachel told Rebecca about (the midwife’s) concern,” the detective said. “And then Rachel went to listen to sermons.”

Kerr reportedly urged her daughter to seek help, but “Rachel would not allow her,” Scaccia said, the Lansing State Journal reported.

By the morning of Feb. 9, Kerr had noticed that Abigail wasn’t eating or breathing well, and that blood was coming out of her nose.

Around 11 a.m. Rachel found her daughter “lifeless and not breathing” in a bouncy seat, Scaccia said.

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Kerr brought the baby to her father who tried unsuccessfully to revive her.

The pair then brought their child upstairs to “pray for her,” inviting friends to jointhem and pray for Abigail’s resurrection. They never called police, the detective said.

Police later arrived at the home and found people praying for the dead baby.

A medical examiner found that Abigail died from unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia and kernicterus, conditions related to jaundice.

The medical examiner said the baby would likely have lived if she’d been treated, Scaccia testified.

The girl’s parents were each charged with involuntary manslaughter and released on a $75,000 bond on Sept. 21. They face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

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