Man charged with sexual battery after ‘inappropriately hugging’ women at a Walmart

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) - A man is wanted for what police call 'inappropriate hugging' in a Norman Walmart.

It started with a conversation the man struck up with a stranger regarding suggestions for dinner.

Following the conversation, the victim said Dymone Grice asked for a hug, and she agreed.

"He hugged her from the side, and then when he let go of her, he grazed her breast and placed his crotch on her hip," said Norman Police Public Safety Officer Sarah Jensen.

Police found him soon after the incident near the Walmart.

Grice admitted to hugging three women inside the store but denied any wrongdoing.

"Investigators then asked him to demonstrate the hug and the way in which he demonstrated it was exactly the way the victim described what happened that day," Jensen said.

According to the affidavit, it shows "he intended to touch their breasts, buttocks and place his crotch against their body."

Now, Grice is charged with sexual battery.

"If they're approached by someone they don't know and they are asked to give them a hug and they don't feel comfortable, they're OK to tell that person no," Jensen said.

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