WATCH: Mom sets up camera and catches nanny violently throwing baby into crib

A nanny cam has captured the moment a babysitter violently threw a newborn baby she was hired to look after, into a crib.

Worried mother Annemarie Theron set up the secret camera in her home in Namibia, Africa, after she started noticing bruises on her baby girl's neck, shoulders, and feet.

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The ability to work from home is a lifesaver, for those who have that luxury. If your job requires you to be at the workplace, then it's essential to have a game plan in place before junior shows those first signs of the sniffles.

Network with parents you know to find the right babysitter. Interview candidates and then "hire" at least three with different schedules so you have the flexibility to find someone on short notice. Prospects can be located anywhere: school, work, the neighborhood, or local organizations like clubs, churches, and so on. Cast a wide net during the summer season and pick your list before the first day of school begins.

Keep a cabinet full of common remedies -- and not just cold medicines, pain relievers, and throat lozenges. Also stock up on sick-day comfort foods, such as soup for colds, breads and ginger ale for upset tummies, and frozen smoothie mixes for sore throats. Buy ahead using coupons or store specials to cut costs. Take advantage, and then catalog what you have (note expiration dates, too). Place the details about your "Sick Day Stash" in an easy-to-find folder so that when help arrives, there's no mystery about what's available, where to find it, and how much medicine to administer.

Germs don't wait, but every doctor's office has a waiting room. Don't let an urgent situation push you to see just any doctor who's available on short notice. Pick a pediatrician and then get to know the nurses as well as you can. That way, you'll be more likely to get to the right caregiver quickly. You'll also avoid paying two, three, or 10 times as much for visiting doctors outside of your insurance plan's approved network.

You make arrangements for your kids to meet obligations when taking time off for vacation during the school year. Why not use the same strategy when junior gets a bellyache? Talk with your child's teachers about what they allow in terms of working at home. Are assignments posted online? Can scanned work be sent via email? How about one-on-one instruction via Skype or instant messaging? Get creative in thinking about tools.

Once you have a plan, execute it. Get a family computer. Or, if your child is old enough to have a PC or iPad, make sure you have a good Internet connection and proper software for submitting work online. Don't rush the process; you can buy what you need a little at a time using discount sites or a good cash-back card if you're debt free. Either way, communicate your intent to your child's teachers. Having the right equipment at home shows you are serious about your children's education, while teaching kids that sick time isn't playtime.

No parent can ever be in two places at once -- especially a working parent with bills to pay. Yet even if we can't be there when our kids are sick, we can create environments for others to nurse our kids back to health and help them meet their schoolwork obligations -- and we needn't break the bank to do it.


After reviewing horrific footage of the family's nanny, Nicolin Hoeses, manhandling the baby and tossing her into the crib, Theron told MailOnline she felt "betrayed" and like "a failure" for trusting the woman.

The 31-year-old mother said she and her husband installed the camera in the morning, the same day the incident took place, after growing suspicious of Hoeses and learning of their daughter's injuries, who they also said appeared to have grown "frightened of her nanny."

"When I saw what she had done to Laila, I cried and cried. I held my baby girl close and kept telling her I was so sorry," said Theron. "I had so many emotions - betrayed, and a complete failure as a mum. It was the worst feeling I have ever had and never ever want another mother to have to go through that."

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Theron and her husband immediately reported Hoeses to the local authorities shortly after reviewing the footage. Hoeses has since been arrested for the attack and is facing charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder. 

She appeared in court Monday but was denied bail and will remain in custody until October.

Theron apologized to her daughter in a public Facebook post and thanked friends and family for their support.

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