The world is running out of antibiotics

The world is running out of antibiotics, according to a new report by the World Health Organization.The reason is that not enough new antibiotics are being developed.

Antibiotic-resistance has increased, which is the result of bacteria mutations leading to immunity from certain types of antibiotics. Using antibiotics too much or in the wrong way can contribute to this problem.

The concern is so high, that the United Nations health agency recommended changing the way many STD's are treated. The organization now recommends different antibiotics and injections, because the old antibiotics are just not working as effectively as before. 

According to the report, of 51 new products in development for antibiotic resistant infections, the WHO believes only 8 are innovative and add value.

Another problem is the high cost of developing antibiotics. However, charitable foundations have even had to step in to support antibiotic development.

Health Rankings: Top 15 states
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Health Rankings: Top 15 states

15. Idaho

Overall score: 0.356

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14. Rhode Island

Overall score: 0.422

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13. New York

Overall score: 0.430

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12. Nebraska

Overall score: 0.432

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11. North Dakota

Overall score: 0.473

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10. Colorado

Overall score: 0.559

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9. New Jersey

Overall score: 0.571

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8. Utah

Overall score: 0.578

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7. Washington

Overall score: 0.582

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6. New Hampshire

Overall score: 0.696

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5. Vermont

Overall score: 0.709

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4. Minnesota

Overall score: 0.727

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3. Connecticut

Overall score: 0.747

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2. Massachusetts

Overall score: 0.760

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1. Hawaii

Overall score: 0.905

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