Swiss toilets found clogged with 500-euro banknotes

Clogged toilets generally fall under the purview of plumbers, but when the obstructions are high-denomination euros -- and LOTS of them -- it can become a matter for the authorities.

Prosecutors in Switzerland announced Monday that they are investigating a number of May incidents in which a reported $100,000 was flushed down toilets in Geneva, resulting in pipe blockages and expensive repairs, reports Reuters.

Though neither disposing money nor clogging toilets is illegal, officials would like to know where the cash came from. 

One of the affected toilets was in a USB branch and not far from the bank’s safety deposit box vault, notes Bloomberg.

The others were in nearby restaurants. 

According to the BBC, the bank notes retrieved were of the 500-euro variety, a denomination that is being discontinued next year, “over fears they facilitate illegal activities.” 

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