Four high school students in trouble for spelling 'rape' at football game

Four South Carolina high school students are being punished after a photo of them spelling out the word “rape” written in paint on their chests went viral.

USA Today says the Westside Anderson students were at a football game that was part of a “Touchdown Against Cancer” series.

They joined a group of students who spelled out the phrase “bump cancer.”

However, when the four students got together they realized they could spell another word and used it as a way to describe what their team was doing to their opponent. 

The school’s principal said the students have not been expelled but were punished, adding: “At best, this is offensive to just about anyone, and at worst this is traumatic to some people.”

A local parent group raised concern over the issue and, while the students have not been identified, they have apparently already been outed on social media.

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