The actual cost of Hurricane Irma may surprise you

While Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction in its wake, the damage of the storm could cost less than predicted. 

According to Bloomberg, Irma is expected to cost over $50 billion dollars for Florida. Which is close to $150 billion less than what was initially predicted. 

Apparently, a little wobble is the huge difference in Florida avoiding an astronomical amount of damage. 

The Bermuda or Azores High -- which, as Bloomberg says, acts like a traffic weather cop for the tropical North Atlantic Ocean -- jostled the Hurricane and pushed it over land in Cuba, which weakened it before hitting Florida. 

Still, in addition to the damage costs in Florida, Irma did another $30 billion in damage to the Caribbean and Cuba. 

Cleanup and damage costs are still being tallied but insurers are already looking to the $17 billion dollars in the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund for help, according to the New York Times. 

The most striking images of Hurricane Irma shared on the web
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The most striking images of Hurricane Irma shared on the web
A drive through the streets of Barbuda. The damage is truly horrendous
Now DL302 has to climb out of SJU, and they're doing so between the outer band of #Irma and the core of the storn.…
The outer wall of eye, #hurricaneirma hitting #marcoisland (3pm, 9/10/17) #winknews #weatherchannel #swfl…
A beached manatee as Hurricane Irma sucks water out of Sarasota Bay from viewer Billie Brown. #TrackingIrma
Flooded streets and a loose sailboat! #irma #miami #hurricane #hurricaneirma
WOW! Look at these pictures of Brickell Ave. in downtown Miami. INSANE! Please be safe. #HurricaneIrma #Miami…
UNREAL: Look at the pier at Fort Myers Beach right now #TrackingIrma #HurricaneIrma #SWFL Credit: Jody Drovdlic
WATCH: High winds and severe flooding near Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston, South Carolina (Via Patrick Spo…
Cleanup has started in Miami after #hurricaneirma.
Our beach after Irma #irma #hurricane #hurricaneirma #afterirma #fisherisland #luxurylifestyle #luxuryrealestate #luxurylife #island #islandlife #islandliving #hurricane #miami #brickell #miamibeach #ураган #ураганирма #майами @socialite_magazine
Hurricane Irma Turns Caribbean Islands Brown #NASA
Via Suomi NPP, what the power situation was like overnight in S. Flo (top) vs a Normal night (bottom)

Meteorologists are now eyeing Hurricane Jose, and struggling to predict if it will take an odd looping path that will bring it near the Bahamas and the U.S. in the coming days.

President trump announced via twitter that he will be traveling to Florida on Thursday to meet with the coast guard, FEMA and first responders among others. 

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