The most popular Google 'how to' searches

What does one do if they don’t know how to say, fix a light bulb?

Many of us head to google and try to get the answer there.

How do I fix a lightbulb?

Ever wonder what everyone else needs help with?

What is everybody googling today?

Well, a new data visualization site from Google’s News Lab and a data journalist shows what people need the most help with.

It sorts out searches by location.

Soviet countries are looking at how to fix their washing machines.

North and Eastern Europeans - they are looking at help fixing their light bulbs.

Other things people are looking at are tasks like how to boil an egg and how to tie a tie.

Some have much bigger goals, like “How to lose weight” 

and “How to make money.”

If you are wondering what else people are looking up, check out the site yourself.

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