Extremely rare yellow lobster donated to Boston aquarium

Whether lobsters come out of the ocean or a cooking pot, their colors don’t vary much from their natural brownish green or fully cooked bright red.

Every now and then, there is an exception, and the New England Aquarium recently came in possession of one of them.

The pale yellow lobster was donated to the aquarium by Patriot Seafoods of Salem this week.

The crustacean is an incredibly rare find; according to the aquarium, “Yellow lobsters have been estimated to have an incidence of 1 in 30 million in the wild.”

To celebrate the acquisition, staff arranged for the new addition to be photographed with some of the other uniquely colored members of the collection.

They include, “a blue, orange, and…Halloween lobster, which is orange on one side and black on the other.”

The aquarium does note that, “Being somewhat crabby by nature, the lobsters faced outward from the circle so as not to antagonize each other.”

Unfortunately, those wanting to see the yellow addition will have to wait a bit. Before being put on display, it will have to stay under quarantine for at least a month.

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