Cowboys rescue terrified horse from drowning in flooded pen during Hurricane Harvey

A horse stranded in a flooded paddock in Cleveland, Texas, was rescued by a pair of heroic cowboys on Monday as flood waters continued to rise around it in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Chance Ward, who runs a local feed and tack business, posted a video on Facebook showing his 17-year-old son, Rowdy, working quickly to rescue the panicked animal from the neck-deep water slowly rising around it.

Despite the grim outlook of the situation, Ward wrote on Facebook that "all animals were saved."

"This is what we do," Ward says in his video, which has amassed over 10 million views since it was posted. "We help livestock. We try to help people."

Since his video went viral, Ward took to Facebook again on Tuesday to share a humbling message about his actions, saying that "there are a lot of great cowboys, plenty that are willing to do the same as us."

"There is a lot of sad out of this storm, but I look at the positive," he wrote. "I have helped in numerous floods with livestock."

"We were able to swim in and save four of these horses today. One of the greatest feelings in the world is having my best partner by my side. My 17 year old son."

If you would like to donate to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, click here to see a list of charities providing aid to victims.

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