Ann Coulter goes off on Trump over taxes, saying he delivered his 'worst, most tone-deaf speech'

Conservative author Ann Coulter rebuked President Donald Trump over his speech on Wednesday in which he rolled out the broad outline of his tax reform plan.

In a slew of tweets on Wednesday, the firebrand conservative pundit said the president's focus on simplifying the tax code and lowering business taxes to 15% was missing an opportunity to prioritize some of his more incendiary, but unique, policy objectives, including building a southern border wall and deporting immigrants living in the US without permission.

Ann Coulter goes off on Trump over taxes
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Ann Coulter goes off on Trump over taxes
WTF! Why is @realDonaldTrump back to tax cuts? His election was NOT about tax cuts. Has he been talking to @SpeakerRyan again?
This isn't a "once in a lifetime" shot at tax cuts! EVERY GOP cuts taxes! This is "once in a lifetime" shot to save US: Wall & deportations!
Bush cut taxes! Did it create millions of jobs? Nope. The rich pocketed their tax cut & sent jobs abroad, hired guest workers. F-- them.
It's so obvious Trump's only getting polite applause for tax cuts. Want to get the crowd hollering, @realDonaldTrump? Talk about THE WALL!
It's like Night of the Living Dead watching our beloved @realDonaldTrump go to DC & start babbling the same old GOP nonsense on tax cuts.
Tax cuts are a 2d term issue. 1st term: BUILD THE WALL, End DACA, Deport Illegals, No Refugees, No Muslims, Immigrn Moratorium. SAVE USA!
Cutting taxes doesn't do a damn thing for wages if you allow businesses to keep bringing in cheap foreign labor!
To create jobs for AMERICANS, no more cheap foreign workers, CUT REGULATIONS & cut corporate taxes. (NOT income taxes.)
This speech could have been given by Jeb! -- except even he wouldn't have talked about the govt helping yuppie women with child care costs.
This is the worst, most tone-deaf speech @realDonaldTrump has ever given. Jeb! had better ideas.
Oh stop pretending this is about letting "families" keep more of their money. HALF OF AMERICANS DON'T PAY TAXES! This is for Wall Street.

Coulter particularly singled out the similarities between Trump's plan and a hypothetical plan that other Republicans like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would've put forward.

Indeed, beyond the prominent former Wall Street figures playing key roles in overhauling the tax code, Trump's administration has absorbed some financial figures from Bush's policy world.

Notably, Bush's former senior policy director Justin Muzinich joined the Treasury Department in March to work closely with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on "major policy initiatives" and on tax reform.

Over the past several months, Coulter has increasingly criticized Trump and mocked him on social media and in interviews, saying that he has not fulfilled his anti-immigration campaign promises.

"The millions of people who haven't voted for 30 years and came out to vote for Trump, thinking, 'Finally, here's somebody who cares about us' — Nope!" Coulter told The Daily Beast after former chief strategist Steve Bannon left the White House earlier this month. "Republicans, Democrats — doesn't matter. Jeb exclamation point, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton — doesn't matter. Goldman Sachs is running the country."

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