North Korean leader Kim Jong Un just had another baby, according to South Korean government

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un just had another baby, according to South Korean secret services.

The child’s name, birthdate or gender are yet to be confirmed.

This is reportedly Kim Jong Un’s third child. The gender of all three children is unknown, so it’s unclear if Kim has a male heir to succeed him as leader of North Korea.

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Everything you didn't know about Kim Jong Un
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Everything you didn't know about Kim Jong Un

1. While Kim Jong Un's birthday on January 8 is a national holiday, it is unknown exactly how old the North Korean leader is. It's widely believed he is in his early-mid thirties. In 2016, the U.S. Treasury Department listed his birth year as 1984 when they placed sanctions on North Korea.


2. Kim Jong Un is the world's youngest leader, according to the date listed by the Treasury. 

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3. Kim Jong Un is very passionate about basketball. He is reportedly a big fan of Michael Jordan and has a friendly relationship with Jordan's former Chicago Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman. Rodman has visited the secluded nation multiple times and even sang him "Happy Birthday" before an exhibition game in Jan. 2014. 


4. Kim Jong Un reportedly has a love for smoking, whiskey and cheese

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5. Kim Jong Un's older half-brother Kim Jong Nam was killed in Feb. 2017 by two women who smeared VX nerve agent on his face at an airport in Kuala Lumpur. The women were arrested following his death. Many believe the hit was directed by North Korea. 


6. Kim Jong Un has two college degrees. One is in physics from Kim il Sung University and another as an Army officer obtained from the Kim Il Sung Military University.


7. Kim Jong Un attended boarding school in Switzerland. It is widely disputed how much time he spent at the school. Most reports say he was abroad from 1998-2000. 


8. Kim Jong Un is the only general in the world that does not have any military experience. 


9. He married Ri Sol Ju in 2009. The couple has at least one daughter named Ju Ae. 


10. Kim Jong Un had his uncle Jang Song Thaek arrested and executed for treachery in 2013. 


11. Kim Jong Un hand selected North Korea's first all-female music group -- Moranbong Band. They made their debut in 2012. 

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The Kim family dynasty is shrouded in mystery. In 2013, former NBA star Dennis Rodman made a controversial trip to North Korea and later claimed that the Korean leader’s second child is a girl.

Opposition lawmaker Yi Wan-yong told CNN that, "Kim's first child is a son and the second child is a daughter.”

But other media outlets, including the Free Beacon, have reported that if it were a boy, North Korea would likely have made an announcement.

The news comes as President Donald Trump has said “all options are on the table” after North Korea launched a missile over northern Japan and vowed the U.S. and Tokyo are committed to increasing pressure on Pyongyang. 

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