Racecourse customer attempted to hide vodka bottle in giant sandwich

Using an inconspicuous cover is crucial when smuggling things past bag-checking guards, but even the most inspired camouflage can fall short.

According to the Newark Advertiser, a woman in the U.K. was caught trying to get a bottle of Glen’s Vodka past Southwell Racecourse security even though she had well concealed it inside a giant salami sandwich. 

It’s unclear how the guards knew to look inside the sizable baguette, but whatever the inspiration was, it guided them well. 

15 Unusual Uses for Vodka
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15 Unusual Uses for Vodka

Read on for the most unusual uses for vodka.

Remove Stains

Vodka can help you to remove grass, red wine, ink and some food stains from carpet and upholstery. Dab some vodka on to the stained area and let it sit for a minute or two. (Be sure not to use flavored vodkas, since they could contain hidden additives.)

Image Credit: Getty Images

Make Flowers Last

Pouring a bit of vodka into a vase of flowers will help to prevent them from wilting so soon. The vodka interferes with the plant's process of ripening.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Keep Hair Clean for Longer

You can add an ounce of vodka to your shampoo to help fight the build up of oil.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Remove Band-Aids without Pain

Vodka helps to dissolve the adhesive in Band-Aids. Apply vodka to the Band-Aid with a cotton ball and you will be able to remove it without fear!

Image Credit: Getty Images

Help Alleviate Poison Ivy Sting

If you've come down with poison ivy and you're in a pinch, pour vodka over the itchy skin to help remove the poisonous oils from the area.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Heal Cold Sores

Applying vodka to a cold sore can help it to dry out. Just use a Q-Tip to apply it!

Image Credit: Getty Images

Make a Natural Pesticide

You can use vodka to make a homemade pesticide. Mix an ounce of vodka, two cups of water and a few drops of liquid dish soap into a spray bottle to eliminate weeds.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Clean Eyeglasses

Pour a little bit of vodka onto a clean soft towel and wipe off glasses. The vodka will help to kill germs and clean the eyewear.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Use as a Mouthwash

You can even make mouthwash with vodka! Just mix nine tablespoons of ground cinnamon with a cup of vodka. Seal the mixture in an airtight container for two weeks and then strain the liquid through a coffee filter. Combine the mouthwash with warm water and rinse. (Be sure not to swallow this!)

Image Credit: Getty Images

Remove Foot Odor

You can remove foot odor by soaking your feet in vodka!

Image Credit: Getty Images

Numb Aching Tooth

Next time you get a tooth ache, swish a shot of vodka over the affected tooth. It will help to numb the gums.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Clean Windows

Dilute some vodka with water and pour it into a spray bottle. Wipe down the windows with newspaper and the vodka solution for a chemical-free cleaner.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Make Toner

Mix a quarter teaspoon of vodka with a freshly brewed cup of green tea for a DIY toner. Apply the vodka toner with a cotton ball.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Get a Flakier Pie Crust

For a delicious and flakey pie crust, substitute a tablespoon of vodka for every third tablespoon of water. This will add moisture to the crust without using too much water, which can give the dough a rubbery feel.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Clean Jewelry

You can use vodka to clean your diamonds, emeralds or other crystallized gemstones by soaking them in the alcohol for five minutes. Be sure to rinse them after and then let them dry.

Image Credit: Getty Images


Southwell Racecourse has since shared a photo of the vodka-filled sandwich and is offering an unspecified prize to the person who writes the best caption. 

Glen’s Vodka has also gotten in on the fun, tweeting an image of a mouth-watering Bloody Mary and writing, “Meet our new favorite – Glen’s Salami Sizzler. Think it’d do well on your bar menu @Southwell_Races??” 

One person who does not seem to be enjoying the situation is the woman who got her vodka taken away. 

UPI reports that the racecourse said she could pick it up on her way out, but she never did.

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