Los Angeles metro riders face $75 'manspreading' fine

Manspreading isn’t just annoying. Now it could cost offenders a lot of cash.

There’s a new “metro manners” campaign in Los Angeles and it comes with hefty fines of up to $75 dollars. 

It’s all part of a recent enforcement surge.

As CBS LA reports, more than 3,000 people have received fines for various infractions with more than 2,000 having actually been ejected.

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Manspreading isn’t the only thing that can cost offenders cash. Eating, drinking, smoking and vaping are also on the list.

Other offenses include: placing chewing gum on seats, occupying more than one seat, blocking a door, disturbing others and playing loud music.

Riders who commit third, fourth and fifth offenses could be banned for 30-90 days.

It’s not just thoughtful to be courteous to your fellow metro riders, it may also save you a lot of trouble from the authorities. 

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