Mom makes horrific find under child's bed after family kitten was killed

A mom in Chachoengsao, Thailand, who discovered her family's kitten dead outside of her son's window was horrified to find the culprit hiding under her child's bed: A 10-foot-long python.

Thanapoom Lekyen, 42, says the massive serpent came into her home through her 13-year-old son Nong's bedroom window on Thursday night.

After Lekyen found the kitten's body near the window's ledge, she began quietly looking around his room to find clues and ran in horror when she eventually spotted the snake's glistening scales underneath his bed frame.

"I woke up in the morning and saw the dead cat outside with bite marks on," she said, according to the Daily Mail. 'Then I knew there was a problem, and I shivered and my stomach was feeling sick. I was scared. I looked in my son's bedroom and screamed when I saw something moving under the bed."

Lekyen says that her son usually sleeps in his own room, but that he had thankfully fallen asleep in her room the night before the incident.

"I think about what might have happened and cry," she said. "My son was very lucky because he did not sleep in the room that night. There must have been some guardian angel watching over him. The snake came in through his window. If he was sleeping in the bed, he's only small and it could have killed him."

Immediately after finding the snake, Lekyen called animal control officials to take care of the situation.

Nattapon Boonmee, a worker from the Chachoengsao Voluntary Rescue, said it took him around 15 minutes to finally capture the vicious snake with a pole and lasso.

"The snake was average size but very, very aggressive. My hand was bleeding from where it bit just a little bit," he said. "A more powerful bite and an attack from a [snake] like this would be very, very dangerous."

After its capture, animal control officers put the snake inside a canvas bag and released it back into the wild totally unharmed.

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