Bannon says his controversial interview was good for Trump


President Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon says his recent controversial interview with a liberal magazine was good for the White House, according to a interview he gave to the Daily Mail on Thursday.

Bannon dished on a number of things in a Wednesday interview with the American Prospect, including his disagreements with top economic advisers about an economic war with China, and his prediction that Democrats would lose elections if they focused on racial politics.

But on Thursday, the controversial Bannon told the Daily Mail that the original call helped to deflect fire away from the president, saying he successfully changed the media narrative with a single phone call.

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During the call, Bannon also directly contradicted Trump's stance on North Korea by saying there's no military solution.

He also called the far-right parts of the Republican party a quote, "collection of clowns."

Bannon continue to talk about his adversaries in the State, Defense and Treasury departments saying they're wetting themselves as he tries to get them out of the Trump administration.

The interview did take some of the media heat away from Trump's response to the violent neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trump reignited the media storm when he tweeted Thursday arguing that statues honoring confederate war heroes should not be torn down.