Couple arrested after forcing teenage babysitter into sex slavery

A New Jersey couple was arrested after it was discovered they hired a teenager as a babysitter, only to force her into prostitution for 10 days until she was able to escape from the motel where they were keeping her.

WPIX reports that Christopher White, 19, and Adria Regn, 28, hired an unnamed 17-year-old girl to babysit Regn's two children at a New Jersey motel in October 2016.

Photo: New Jersey Attorney General’s Office

When the teen, who allegedly knew White, arrived for the job, the pair forced her to snort crystal meth, threatening to beat her if she refused to take the drugs, before telling her she had to work as an "escort" for them.

The couple then began selling the teen for sex on to at least five men per day, guilting her by saying they needed money and that it would be her fault if Regn's kids ended up on the street.

The teen was finally able to escape one day when the couple fell asleep in the motel room where they were keeping her, according to officials from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

She then reported what happened to police, who launched an investigation into the pair.

"This is a classic case of human trafficking where these defendants allegedly trapped an underage girl in dehumanizing circumstances in which they gave her drugs and forced her to have sex with multiple men per day," said Attorney General Christopher Porrino. “It's terrible for anyone to be exploited in this manner, but it’s especially heartbreaking when the victim is so young and vulnerable."

On Tuesday, a state grand jury indicted White and Regn on charges of conspiracy, human trafficking, promoting prostitution of a minor and offenses related to child pornography.

They both face 20 years to life in a state prison without parole and a fine of $200,000 if they are convicted of the top count against them.

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