President Trump retweets man calling him a 'fascist'

President Trump made a jarring Twitter mistake on Tuesday morning when he shared a message from a man calling him a "fascist."

As is standard practice for the Republican president, Trump initially retweeted a story from the FOX & Friends account revealing the commander in chief is considering pardoning former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Shortly after that retweet, though, a critical response to that story appeared on Trump's timeline.

The tweet from user Mike Holden was quickly deleted from Trump's timeline, but not before many were able to catch a screenshot of the action and comment on the blooper.

Holden himself even captured it, saying he would "never top this RT."

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President Trump RT's man calling him a 'fascist'
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President Trump RT's man calling him a 'fascist'
#TuesdayThoughts When Trump admits he is a #fascist I think it's time to seriously have a discussion on impeachment.
Looks like Trump realised what he did and undid the retweet that called either Apraio or himself a fascist...
Trump just deleted this RT. I will bet every dollar in my bank account that @realdonaldtrump didn't know what "fas…
Trump retweeted a user calling Joe Arpaio a fascist in relation to Fox story re possible pardon. Apparently doesn't…
Freudian Retweet: Trump Retweets Man Calling Him A Fascist
@blakehounshell He might have read fascist as fantastic, it all makes sense or Trump doesn't know the meaning of fascist
Did Trump retweet an admission that he's a fascist? Priceless.
@slattsjef @eshton58 @DaysLeft4Trump @MikeHolden42 @realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Did you just see Trump Retweeted…
People who woke up late missed that Trump accidentally retweeted a guy who called him a fascist.
It's 7am and trump is accidentally retweeting that he's a fascist

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