Family burying loved one sees protruding foot from adjacent plot resting on the casket

Laying a loved one to rest is among life's most painful experiences and one that demands the utmost dignity be paid to the deceased.

Two siblings in New York City say New Jersey's Mount Holiness Memorial Park, the cemetery where their father was buried on August 4, provided anything but.

After the graveyard service and the lowering of the casket, members of the family say they looked down and saw a foot protruding from the adjacent plot.

It was reportedly decayed, "wrapped in plastic and cloth," and appeared to be resting on the coffin, notes the Daily Mail.

Sandra Butler, the daughter of the deceased, said to the New York Daily News, "No one said anything to us. It was like business as usual for them. They just dumped the dirt in the plot like it was normal, like it's nothing to them."

According to the media outlet, the family is considering bringing a lawsuit against the cemetery "for pain and suffering."

Photos of the disturbing discovery: