Walmart apologizes for sign appearing to market guns as back-to-school items

Walmart is apologizing for a photo that appears to show a display marketing guns as back to school items.

CNN Money reports that the sign, which says, "own the school year like a hero" was put right on top of a full gun display.

Many responded to the viral photo on twitter, stating their dislike of the signage.

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One Twitter user stated: "THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Walmart marketing the American gun culture. Guns kill more American kids than cancer."

Another person asked the following: "What are you suggesting?"

The company spoke with CNN Money, stating that the marketing strategy was "truly awful" and "horrible."

Walmart representative Charles Crowson says that they were still looking to identify the store where the display was placed.

While they weren't sure that the sign had been removed, Walmart said earlier that they had found the sign and taken it down.

However, Crowson said that it was not true.

The sign appears to be part of on-going superhero marketing campaign by the retailer giant that is not in any way related to guns.