Trump shares poll showing he's a 'better president' than Obama

President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning to share a Twitter poll that shows he is a "better" president than his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

According to the poll, conducted by the account "Progress Polls," 61 percent believe Trump is the better President of the the United States, compared to 39 percent who cast a vote for Obama. The poll was first tweeted mid-day on August 4, and ended with a total of 28,589 votes.

The retweet from Trump comes as the 45th president faces a wall of unfavorable polling figures from virtually every credible political data source. From voters losing trust to a belief that Trump's presidency is a failure -- the unscientific poll the former billionaire businessman retweeted on Thursday signals a desire to boost his image as favored by the majority of Americans.

On August 1 Progress Polls also ran a poll asking, "Do you think Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC / Clintons?" 52 percent answered "no," while 48 percent answered yes. The conspiracy theory that Seth Rich -- a former DNC staffer -- was murdered by Democratic party leaders was promoted by right-wing media hosts including Sean Hannity, and FOX News was later forced to retract the story they ran on the subject.

Click through to see some of the critical responses to the poll President Trump shared:

Reactions to Trump's sharing unscientific poll
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Reactions to Trump's sharing unscientific poll
It is so embarrassing that Trump re-tweeted this absurdly bogus Twitter poll. And it reflects his all-consuming obs…
Trump making himself feel better by RTing a meaningless Twitter poll. Sad.
Some of the 60 accounts that @ProgressPolls follows are below. Actually pretty sad that Trump only got 61% in that…
Trump derides "fake news suppression polls", but he tweeted this poll—which is completely unscientific.
Donald Trump's week so far.. Mon- Tweet about Sen. Blumenthal Tues- Start Nuclear War Wed- Tweet about McConnell Thur- Tweet a Twitter poll
Today, Trump retweeted a Twitter poll that said he is better than Obama. Trump is the saddest person alive.
Trump retweeted a Twitter poll asking who was a better President between himself and Obama. The man is obsessed with Obama - so pathetic.
@ProgressPolls @realDonaldTrump Obama's approval rating on a right wing Twitter poll is higher than Trump's actual…
President Trump just retweeted this fake online poll. He should start charging Obama rent for the space he occupies…

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