Guam governor on North Korea: 'Currently there is no threat to our island'

Guam's Homeland security office said on Wednesday that the region was not in danger following North Korea's threats of a ballistic missile strike on the Pacific island.

Governor Eddie Calvo said there is no change in the threat level to Guam.

"I am working with Homeland Security, the Rear Admiral and the United States to ensure our safety," Calvo said. "I want to reassure the people of Guam that currently there is no threat to our island or the Marianas."

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At a press conference on Wednesday, Calvo told reporters that it is not the time to panic.

According to the Guam Homeland Security advisor, the island is protected by the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence, a permanently stationed missile defense system.

Pacific Daily News reports, Guam has faced threats from North Korea in the past, the most recent in 2013 when Anderson Airbase was stated to be within striking range.

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Residents of Guam expressed fear about the threats but stated that trust was placed in the U.S. military to provide protection.

Calco stated that the island knows how to be resilient, and plan for any contingency.