Giant inflatable chicken resembling Trump placed near White House

A giant inflatable chicken intended to represent President Donald Trump was placed near the White House on Wednesday afternoon.

The chicken sports golden hair and Trump-like hand gestures. According to The Hill, the object is based on a statue unveiled at a Chinese mall in 2016.

Taran Singh Brar, who said he was the owner, told HuffPost's Philip Lewis the massive inflatable object was a visual protest against Trump. He reportedly purchased the chicken for $1,300 to call the president out for being "too chicken to release his tax returns" and to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Brar staged the chicken in The Ellipse, a park just south of the White House.

Social media reacts to massive, inflatable chicken with orange hair staring down the White House
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Social media reacts to massive, inflatable chicken with orange hair staring down the White House
✔️ Tourist on Segway ✔️ Washington Monument in background ✔️ Giant blow up of TRUMP chicken You now have the ultim…
Giant Inflatable Trump Chicken Sighted At White House
You can't un-see then giant inflatable Trump Chicken at the White House right now #TrumpChicken
Massive inflatable #Trump #chicken propped up right by the White House
Pato da Fiesp vs Trump Chicken. Choose your destiny!!!
It appears some protesters have inflated this behind the White House.
BREAKING: There's an inflatable chicken with Trump's hair behind the White House
There's a giant inflatable Trump chicken behind the White House.
Taran Singh Brar says he bought it for $1300. It's a visual protest. "Trump is too chicken to release his tax retur…
In other times, this Chicken Trump (Chump?) would be weird, but now, no one even bats an eye. #Chump #crackmyselfup
@kcranews Trump should have a custom built eagle with Trump hair. And it should be "YUGE!". They will be shamed an…
Be the giant inflatable Trump chicken you wish to see in the world
@Josh_Moon I can't wait until Trump threatens the chicken with nuclear weapons or Tyson Foods. On Twitter.
#WednesdayWisdom Trump adviser: "Sir, there's a giant chicken outside of the @WhiteHouse!" Trump: "Get the colesl…
@nytimes @ananavarro @maddow @AC360 did you all get a shot of the giant trump blow up chicken in the shadow of the white house? Hilarious!!!
I don't think it's a good idea to call an unhinged narcissist who's threatening nuclear war to prove how tough he is a chicken #trumpchicken
@jaketapper 2 words: Trump chicken.
@tomblappy Trump card's too chicken to even help Big Bird help refugees, no wonder there's a giant Trump chicken at the White House!
Um, why is there a giant chicken version of Trump at the White House!? 😂
"Good thing we're not in a nuclear stand-off with any countries, now to inflate this giant Trump chicken and take a big sip of coffee..."
That inflatable chicken just increased our chances of going to war significantly. Trump: "I ain't no shicken. I'll show you a shicken!"
all I want right now is to see the statement from the WH regarding the giant trump chicken
Cue the "inflatable Trump chicken is just a distraction" posts* *yes it is, but it's HILARIOUS and deserves our attention
Ha! 🤣🤗😂 Is that chicken little? #Trumpocalypse #Trump
@onedaylight @bryan_conn @komonews It makes not one bit of difference. Trump is President and you've got a blow up chicken. Congrats!
@LouiseMensch It's the giant inflatable Trump Chicken!

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump are currently out of town, vacationing at his New Jersey golf club.

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