Anthony Scaramucci: 'Pence can't believe what the f*** is going on'


The interview Anthony Scaramucci gave to the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza seem to be the gift that keeps on giving.

In newly released quotes from the interview, Scaramucci suggests that Mike Pence's new chief of staff was hired to protect the Vice President from political chaos in the Trump Administration.

"Why is Nick there, bro," Scaramucci asked Lizza.

Click through images of Anthony Scaramucci's week in the White House:

"Nick's there to protect the vice president because the vice president can't believe what the fuck is going on."

As Talking Points Memo clarifies, "the Mooch" is referring to Nick Ayers. Vice President Mike Pence announced Nick Ayers as his new chief of staff on June 29th.

The New York TImes also suggested that Ayers was there for another reason, implying Ayers may have been there to work donors and pave the way for a Pence 2020 presidential run.

Pence slammed that story as not true. As you know, Scaramucci's tenure as communications advisor imploded on July 31st.