Fake eclipse glasses are being sold that could cause damage


If you're hoping to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse on August 21st, you should beware of knock-off solar eclipse glasses that are hitting the market.

The Washington Post reports that there are special glasses that are necessary, which filter out almost all incoming light so you can see the moon covering up the sun while protect your eyes.

But where there's a market - there are those looking to make quick cash.

Check out the states where you can see the full total solar eclipse:

Up until recently, experts advised making sure the glasses are labeled with the ISO stamp -- or International Organization for Standardization.

An ISO stamp means that a manufacture went through the certification process. But with the influx of products - the American Astronomical Society says we can't depend on the ISO stamp anymore.

Instead, the post reports that you when you put them on up you should only be able to see the sun.

No lights at all, literally only the sun. And trust your gut. Stick with retail chains you know like 7-11 Lowe's or Walmart.