Reporter questions if Melania Trump would pass her husband's proposed immigrant screening test


President Donald Trump's immigration screening test has raised questions as to whether first lady Melania Trump, an immigrant herself, would be able to pass it.

Journalist Julia Ioffe appeared on CNN and called Trump's immigration policy "very restrictive," adding that Melania Trump first came to the United States on an H-B1 visa

Ioffe also made a bold suggestion that the first lady could be an exception to immigration rules, because Trump supporters feel, "She's a beautiful white woman from Europe, and we like those."

Look through images of Melania Trump in her White House role:

You may remember Julia Ioffe, who is the reporter who was fired from POLITICO after sending out an obscene tweet.

"Either Trump is BLEEPING his daughter or he's shirking nepotism laws," she tweeted in December 2016.

She later apologized, but her contract at POLITICO ended earlier than had been originally planned.