Malia Obama recently lost her iPhone — and her quest to have it replaced didn't go smoothly

Malia Obama recently lost her iPhone, and her quest to have it replaced didn't go as smoothly as it could have.

"Malia came into the Apple Store to get her iPhone replaced, but things didn't go exactly [as planned]," a witness at the Chicago store told the New York Post. "The Apple Store couldn't immediately help her because she didn't have the Apple ID or the password for the missing phone, since the White House set it up."

Click through to see the varied reactions to the eldest Obama daughter's dance moves:

Social media reacts to Malia Obama's Lollapalooza dancing
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Social media reacts to Malia Obama's Lollapalooza dancing
i want to be friends with malia obama so badly. she got the fakest damn friends sneaking pics of her at parties. would never be me
Malia obama be in the news for enjoying life every year lmao
Me following Malia Obama around to make sure nobody is recording her
I'm not sure wtf Malia Obama was doing I just know yall better leave her alone & let her do it.
Bruh can we get Malia Obama some new friends ?
Lmaoooooooo why is Malia Obama always caught doin sumthing Wild?! This ain't right Sis desperately need some new fr…
Bruh why Malia Obama at Lollapalooza on the ground looking like this 🤦🏾‍♂️
Here is Malia Obama... now remember kids, don't do drugs...
We should focus instead, on our current President's kid, who's obtaining blackmail info from Russia at the moment & leave Malia Obama alone
Malia Obama's secret service agents or bodyguards or whatever need to start collecting cellphones at the door
You'd have to be a proper slug to film / photograph Malia Obama having fun at Lollapalooza and sell it to the media
All this talk about Malia Obama dancing "wildly" is uncalled for. She's 19, let that woman live.
TBH aren't we all Malia Obama during Mr Brightside?

Malia was in Chicago for the Lollapalooza music festival.

Many iPhone users can relate to the annoyance of forgetting their Apple ID and password.

That frustration is often amplified by entering the incorrect password too many times, which leads to getting locked out of your account.

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Then, somehow, when you come up with a new password — if you can remember your Apple ID! — Apple tells you that you've already used that password in the last year. So, you come up with a new password that you're guaranteed to forget within the next week, and the cycle begins again.

Of course, Apple's insistence on security is ultimately a positive, especially when it comes to the first daughter's phone. The former president doesn't need any random prank calls or worse from a Lollapalooza concert-goer.

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